Female Owned Clean Beauty Brands To Shop Now

Why not support women by shopping these female owned clean beauty brands?

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

It’s hard to believe, but once upon a time, most beauty brands were owned by men. Guys like Max Factor or Charles Revson of Revlon. Or worse yet, Eugène Paul Louis Schueller of L’Oreal.

I mean, what did they know about makeup and skin care? What they mainly knew was how to turn a profit, I suppose.

Not surprisingly (since the guys weren’t the ones using the stuff), these cosmetics turned out to be pretty toxic. And not only that – they were all very cruelly tested on animals! It took decades for we women to wake up to this nastiness. But when we did, we woke up with a vengeance!

In fact, many women who saw problems in the beauty world decided they’d go to solve them themselves. And in doing so, these same women decided to also give back to society. In fact, they turned the whole beauty business paradigm on its head. They showed that it IS possible to create cruelty free, clean beauty products that are not just effective, but which can make positive change in the world, too.

Here, we’ve found a motley group of women ruling the natural beauty world. They come from backgrounds ranging from science and pharmaceuticals to makeup artistry and modelling. But they all have one thing in common: they rock! After reading this, we genuinely hope you’ll support female owned clean beauty brands – and ditch those (generally male-owned) toxic ones forever!

Female Owned Clean Beauty Brands To Shop Now

1. Kirsten Kjaer Weis: Kjaer Weis

“I believe women deserve the feeling of putting the best ingredients on their skin, ingredients the body celebrates and resonates with, not something it’s trying to fight.” So says Kirsten Kjaer Weis, owner of one of the best known female owned beauty brands ever.

Her glamorous cosmetics are formulated using natural and organic materials, but that’s not all. They’re packaged in luxurious, re-fillable cases, and are free from parabens, silicone and synthetic fragrances. Quality is the key here. Makeup pro Kirsten personally inspects every new batch of product to ensure consistency in colour, texture and performance.

‘I had been seeing the short-term effects of synthetics and chemicals in makeup and the absurdity of how normal it was when it shouldn’t be normal,’ she says. ‘At the same time I wasn’t able to find a green line that had the same performance as the conventional brands. My vision was to integrate these two worlds into one and to have products with an equal emphasis on clean ingredients, performance, and packaging.’

We’re certainly glad she did!

Image below:Kjaerweis.com

Kirsten Kjaer WeisFemale Owned Clean Beauty Brands To Shop Now

2. Danielle Conte: Conscious Coconut  

This is a female owned clean beauty story that sounds like something out of Eat Pray Love!

Tired of her career in investment banking, Danielle Conte went to Bali in search of happiness. She taught English and computer skills to the local children, studied Buddhism, practiced yoga and spread positivity wherever she travelled across Southeast Asia. Soon, she started to notice that not only was she happier and more grounded, but she was looking better, too! Her secret ingredient? Coconut oil.

She simply loved the stuff. She used it on her hair, face, nails and body. As she recalls, “After a few months, my friends said ‘if you’re going to talk about coconut oil so much why don’t you sell it’. And so the Conscious Coconut brand was born.

Danielle describes her vegan beauty business as: “a tool for us to manifest both inner and outer health and wellness while also guiding ourselves towards our most divine greatness: supporting those less fortunate. Giving back is what makes you the most beautiful you could possibly be. I believe in making all decisions from pure love and with this, the world will change.

Indeed, Conscious Coconut is dedicated to raising awareness for childhood hunger in the United States. For every Conscious Coconut purchase, a child is given a meal through a partnership with Feeding America.

3. Elena & Inna: Kypwell 

Magical things are known to happen on the island of Cyprus, as friends Elena Elraie and Inna Orlova well know. The pair originally met at university, but it was in Elena’s home country of Cyprus that the two decided to launch their female owned clean beauty brand, Kypwell.

The duo wanted their all natural brand to reflect the therapeutic power and beauty of the sea and the aromatic fields of herbs there. Today, their brand carries potent Mediterranean ingredients, such as oregano oil, chamomile, rose oil, olive oil and elder root. But there’s more than pure ingredients to love about this brand! They also believe in beauty from the inside out, and sell powerful herbal tea blends to keep you hydrated, slim, or detoxted (depending on your needs).

Kypwell is also kind to the planet, encasing their products in biodegradable cork ‘boxes’. And did I mention these are natural skincare products that actually work?

kypwell beauty

4. Julia Teren: Thesis Beauty

Julia Teren, founder of Thesis Beauty, has had some pretty horrible experiences from drugstore beauty brands. Her skin would break out, turn red, and feel rough. And all this, despite spending loads of money on products made popular through intensive advertising!

She says: “Skincare has always been an investment for me, investment in prevention of premature aging. I was forced to start making my own concoctions to save money”.

The results of her homemade products were astounding. So she decided to learn more: “I was so stunned at the results of my very first formulas that I decided it was worth studying more in-depth,” she says.

Through trial and error, a remarkable organic female owned clean beauty brand came about. Today, all of Thesis Beauty’s products are sold at accessible price points to help people with all different skin types achieve a healthy-looking, glowing complexion.

julia teren

5. Kim D’Amato: Priti NYC

This gorgeous nail polish brand came to life when founder and former model Kim D’Amato was preggers. She was a bit anxious about keeping her soon-to-be-born healthy. Aware of the dangers of the chemicals in conventional foods and beauty products, she started eating organic and swapped all her usual makeup and skincare for non-toxic brands. The only thing was, she couldn’t find a decent nail polish line that wasn’t loaded with horrible toxins. So she created one!

Today, her brand PRITI NYC is one of the most successful female owned clean beauty brands. It provides a stunning array of shades that are super safe not only for women, but kids, too.

In addition to being non-toxic, the brand collaborates with charities and organisations that support both environmental and women’s issues. “Education has been the main difference in attitude. We now know what toxic products are used and know what they are doing to your body, our skin and the earth. Why poison yourself if you don’t have to? Your skin is your biggest organ so naturally what you put on it affects you,” Kim explains.

female owned clean beauty brands

6. Jene Roestorf: Luxe Botanics

This is one of the most luxurious female owned clean beauty brands we know of. And that’s because biotechnologist and natural beauty enthusiast Jene Roestorf really knows her stuff! She’s spent years researching the impact that different oils can have on the skin. In fact, she created her company, Luxe Botanics, with the intention of using highly nutritious and rare oils that women from the Amazon and her native continent of Africa have treasured for centuries.

Today, Jene’s minimalistic yet luxurious cleansers, serums and moisturisers have been formulated with exotic ingredients. These include Camu Camu, Marula Nut and Kigelia oils, to name a few. They all comprise a green luxury beauty line that has earned rave reviews from all those who have tried them.

Luxe Botanics gives back, too. The brand works with various charities to promote the health of women and children in Africa and around the world.

Jene sums her company’s ethics this way: “Luxe Botanics believes in the power of allowing nature to nurture.” 

Luxe Botanics Luxe Botanics

7. Erin Williams: Erin’s Faces

Makeup artist Erin Williams made women look pretty, sure. But she was usually doing it with chemical-heavy makeup that was tested on animals, and even sometimes contained animal parts. She knew there must be a better way. So she started her own female owned clean beauty range of wonderfully hued, cruelty-free beauty products. She called it Erin’s Faces.

“I am an ingredient nut and a lover of all things green – eco and color-wise. Which is why what I put on your skin is so important to me,” she says. “It’s important enough that I literally created my own line of makeup and called Erin’s Faces. It’s PETA Certified Cruelty-Free.”

But creating wonderful cosmetics wasn’t enough for this ambitious Texan. Soon, she added a range of vegan certified skincare and body washes, sunscreens and even candles! Peppermint sugar lip scrub, pumpkin enzyme peel and rose quench serum are but a few of the best selling products from her brand.

8. Blanka Springfield: Blanka Soap

Founder of Blanka Soap, Blanka Springfield, was initially drawn to natural, traditionally made soap because of its mildness to the skin. She suffered from outbreaks with eczema herself and noticed that her skin responded really well to cold-pressed soap, which naturally contains plenty of moisturising glycerine and no harsh sulfates. She trained as a traditional soap maker and natural skincare formulator over the next few years. She then combined her passion for skin-loving soap, natural fragrance, and for visual design in the Blanka Soap project.
All Blanka’s soaps are made of premium quality, sustainable ingredients, for example, the raw and organic Shea Butter sourced from an ethical women’s co-op in Ghana. By supporting ethical and socially conscious suppliers, Blanka works towards more sustainability in skincare. All products are also vegan, packaged in no or minimal plastic, and look and smell amazing.

9. Margaret Weed: Odylique

Eczema runs in Margaret Weed’s family. And as anyone who suffers from this skin condition knows, it is notoriously difficult to treat. Normally, doctors prescribe harsh medical creams that initially provide some relief, but eventually thin the skin.

Desperate to find a remedy for her family’s eczema problems, Margaret armed herself with qualifications in herbal medicine and aromatherapy. She then set about creating truly effective formulations, based on only organic herbs, plant oils and natural active ingredients. She sought out plant based ingredients that are compatible with even the most sensitive skins. Soon after, the female owned clean beauty brand Odylique was born.

Odylique’s products are handmade in a  Suffolk workshop owned by Margaret, her husband and daughter. Their philosophy is simple: all ingredients must have therapeutic value, and the product must be a joy to use.

They use herbs and essential oils in therapeutic concentrations for optimum benefits. Plant oils must be virgin and cold-pressed so that they have their full antioxidant vitamin-content intact to actively nourish and protect the skin. All Odylique’s products are free from synthetic chemicals, and are certified to Soil Association organic standards.


female owned clean beauty brands


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