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Eluxe Horoscopes for March 2017

What’s in the stars for you for 2017? Renowned Astrologer, Claudia Vannini reads your horoscope.

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March 2017

March arrives with important planetary oppositions. Challenges are great because Pluto and Jupiter make severe demands. The Law is again rigorously enforced. There is little room for diplomacy and conversation between countries is stagnant. Fees and taxes are also charged without negotiation. There is not much talk between the parties. What is in the contract will be demanded. It is a difficult time in the world economy. The exchange rate fluctuates a lot and oil is again valuable. This leads to an increase in production costs. Electric power also has price increase. The big gain is in speculation and Asian markets. Uranus still surprises on every continent. Unimaginable actions occur in American politics and Europe responds badly to these turbulences. Once again, the diplomatic talks are stagnant. Asia passively attends to all this political mismatch. This political stalemate remains until the middle of April, 2017. Major earthquakes can affect the planet and devastate inhabited areas and ancient buildings.


February comes with two strong changes for the planet, thanks to not one, but two eclipses! In the Lunar Eclipse in Leo, on February 11th, the future gains momentum. We have to prepare ourselves to terminate what will not work in the next 6 months. Breakups are necessary, even if some are surprising. It is part of the preparation for the months that follow until August, 2017.





PISCES Feb 19-March 20

Love is good for you, Pisces. March brings good opportunities in a new job. Joining colleagues to create a project is very positive, since you feel the slowness of Venus in your life. Working in groups is ideal for this month. Your health is in good phase and there is a special radiance you have. You are charismatic and catch people’s attention, being just the way you are. Take good care of finances. There is not much money in circulation.




Health is in a good moment. You feel the slowness caused by Venus and your home may be the weak point. The house can ask for repairs. The ideal is to make the least possible investment in this sector. Fix only what is urgent. The strong point of the month is to invest money in healthy funds and speculate. March brings good gains and special opportunities with new investors. Love is in a good phase and communication is a great ally all month.




Your energy goes down. You feel that your health is fragile and you have to rest, even if you want to maintain the normal rhythm. The strength of the month is caring for your emotions and the home, which will need to be better organised. Despite the slowness in your physical body, money circulates. Uranus brings cash, while Venus complicates your work. Avoid deciding something about your profession. There is no clarity and you can judge things badly. Do not change your work life at all right now.





Love on a good moment and you will have some amazing encounters. Emotional agitation compensates for the financial standstill. Until the 20th, you must redouble your patience. The money will come, but slowly. The important thing is that you will get the amount you need. Your health suffers from these delays and keeping your spirits up is the challenge of the month. The strong point is family. Many events are in preparation for you, but they have not yet materialized. Keep the Faith!



SCORPIO Oct 23-Nov 21

Love is in a difficult time. There is no harmony in your affective life and Venus complicates your emotional structure. Avoid decisions about marriage or divorce. Do not put your attention onto your romantic partner. The hassles in this sector are great and can even affect your health. The positive focus of March is your profession. There is a chance of a new job and the projects flow very well. Use your social connections as best you can to optimise your working life. Stable finances.




LIBRA Sept 23-Oct 22

March is divided into two stages. By the 20th, you should focus on the profession. There is an opportunity for a new job and good results in this sector. Immerse yourself in the career. Try to earn enough money for the entire month in these first 20 days, because afterwards, there is less money and you will feel it. After the 20th, all energy turns to love. There are great social moments and you have many exciting events and parties. Get organized and participate in the best ones.



VIRGO Aug 23-Sept 22

Romance in a good moment with new, exciting encounters. March promises harmony in relationships. It is a balm to your heart. Your health is strengthened. After the 20th, seek to revitalize your body. The biggest problem of the month is the influence of Venus in your financial sector. You are slow to receive payments. This requires organization and patience. The money will come, but with much effort. Organize your spending and everything will work out.




LEO July 23-Aug 22

March promises oscillations. In a few days, you feel the pressure of Venus and you do not get the professional results you had hoped for. You get some help from Mercury and find, by intuition, opportunities to make money and grow in your profession. It is an antagonistic month that calls for financial organization and confidence in yourself. Somehow, you will close the month with the debts paid. Moments of luck in speculation. Love and health on the rise after the 20th.


CANCER June 21-July 22CANCER

You’re the most successful sign at work in March. This month is all about your career. New proposals, a new job and strengthening of your professional image will happen in March. Even with the entire planet struggling with Venus, you have the intuition to find the financial opportunities. Listen to your inner voice and follow with confidence. Love returns to flow well after the 20th. At that moment, your health shows signs of tiredness. Meditate and rest.





GEMINI May 21-June 20

You are the most prosperous sign in March. The energy comes back and you can make the necessary changes. It is a positive moment for you. There are opportunities for new jobs and successful projects are launched. Money is the result of this positive phase. Love is confused and you should not try hard to understand what is happening. It is the result of the movement of Venus. Just wait. You may have fragile health – take extra care.



TAURUS April 20-May 20

Venus shakes your life up in various sectors. Your vital energy increases, but you do not know exactly what you want at this moment. There are lots of opportunities, but the biggest difficulty is choosing a single path. Avoid making big decisions and try to manage your life as it is. Money circulates and there is an opportunity for a new job. Your affective life is in chaos. Do not put too much energy into love in March. There are great spiritual and mystical forces making contact with you that will strengthen your faith. Meditate!




ARIES March 21-April 19

Vital energy comes back in March. You feel the courage to face every kind of situation. There is a good opportunity for you in a new job and money is part of your month. Even with Venus complicating relationships, you find ways to improve your financial life. Love is in great shape and you can revitalize your affections. Health is also in a strong phase. Concentrate your strengths between the 10th and 31st. There are good deals at this moment.

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