NaturVention: Bringing the Outdoors In

Many of us live in highly polluted cities. But NaturVention can help clean your air – beautifully!

By Chere Di Boscio

One of the founders of NaturVention, Aki, started feeling bad in the university where  spent a lot of time in as a teacher. He wasn’t sure why, but he was always tired, stuffed up and run down.

When he stepped outside into the fresh outdoor air of his native Finland, he felt better, but as soon as he got back to work, he felt worse–that is, until one of his students, Niko, got a great idea: if Aki felt better outside, why not bring the outdoors indoors, through the use of plants?

After doing research and development for several years, the duo invented groundbreaking  Naturbo Technology  which creates best possible natural climate in any given indoor space. In fact, this new technology basically restores what man-made inventions have destroyed through pollution, allowing us to return to the climate that our bodies were born to be in.


NaturVention creates healthier air whilst providing visually pleasing, inspiring and calming surroundings. While the use of plants to do this may seem ridiculously simple, further research has proven that this natural climate eliminates symptoms and problems caused by bad indoor air. A claim Aki can surely attest to!

Polluted indoor air can be the result of things we use and have in our houses every day. That includes everything from carpeting and paint to air fresheners, perfumes, gas for cooking and even your deodorant!


So how does Naturbo Technology work? In short, it multiplies the air purifying efficiency of ordinary houseplants over a hundred times. Naturbo is based on biotransformation processes that clean up contaminated indoor air from various pollutants.  Similar processes are used in wastewater treatment facilities, where the contaminated water is transformed into natural water with the help of microbes.  The most essential part of air purification takes place in the plant’s root zone. The microbe population living in the root zone removes the harmful compounds from the indoor air by breaking them down into nutrients for the plants.

Here’s the process:

  1. Indoor air is sucked in through the root zone of the plants, planted into an inorganic growth medium.
  2. The microbes in the root zone purify the air by breaking down the impurities as their nutrients. This process is called biotransformation.
  3. Naturalized air is blown back into the room by extra quiet fans.

So, microbes in the root zone of the plants replace chemicals and microbes of the indoor air with natural compounds. The FreshWall is its own closed ecosystem, so water stays nice and clean.


It’s well known that plants can do much to clean the air naturally–this is as true for the outdoors as it is for indoors. But what we often forget is that while we often discuss the dangers of outdoor pollution,  your home or work space can also have high levels of indoor pollution. There are ways of cleaning it up, such as by avoiding certain chemicals and types of furniture, but given the fact that in big cities, any air indoors is going to be mixed with outdoor pollution, and because you probably have little say in how your office is furnished and cleaned, it’s practically a necessity these days to have some help purifying what you breathe. And given the choice, wouldn’t you prefer something pretty, green and natural? NaturVention offers a bit of outdoor nature inside–boosting the body and mind and letting you breathe a bit easier.


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