10 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

Spending too much time, money and energy at home these days? These energy saving gadgets and apps may be just what you need!

By Jody McCutcheon

There’s no doubt we’ve all been staying in more these days, and most of us have been spending the time cooking, streaming movies, and generally using more energy. Which means higher bills.

Though you may not be going outside as much, spending money in cafes, restaurants or on transport, it’s always a good idea to try to save money on energy bills – especially if you haven’t been able to go to work. Doing so not only helps keep your bank account stable, but benefits the planet, too. And aren’t we all thinking more of the environment ahead of Earth Day?

Luckily, there are more energy saving gadgets for your home now more than ever – and it’s also super easy to download some amazing apps that save money on your energy bills, without having to cut back on your Netflix or cookie baking experiments!

Here, I’ve found 10 great energy saving gadgets and apps for your home, from toilets that are gentle to your nether regions, to apps the whole family will have fun using. There’s something for every budget!

10 Energy Saving Gadgets & Apps For Your Home

1. Toto Washlet Toilet

Want the latest in potty technology? Try a Toto Washlet Toilet. From production to distribution to utilization, it conserves biodiversity, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and water usage and promotes waste recycling and upcycling. Toto even contributes a percentage of sales to local community green initiatives.

But what’s even more fun is the fact that the washlet is a bidet-like cleaning contraption that boasts a warm water nozzle with pulsing and oscillating modes, a heated seat, auto flush, energy-saving timer and a water-saving dual flushing system. Helps keep your toilet bowl as clean as your conscience!

This may not be one of the cheapest energy saving gadgets for your home, but it will definitely be one that you use every single day.

 Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

2. MyEarth App

Would you like to monitor all of your energy use over the day? MyEarth is an app that’s going to let you do this in an easy and fun way. You can input all of your energy data and this app tracks everything from electricity you use to the recycling you do. In addition, you can enjoy tips on how to use less energy around the home. In turn, this is going to help you save some cash. It’s a great idea – no wonder entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli wanted to invest!


3. Sowden Softbrew Coffee Pots

Voted as one of the Washington Post Reader’s ten best green gadgets, Sowden Softbrew coffee pots are a filterless alternative to Keurig and Nespresso single-serve brews, thus avoiding thousands of tonnes of waste per year. The Sowden SoftBrew infusion method utilizes a stainless steel micro-etched filter containing tens of thousands of microscopic holes. Add the desired amount of ground coffee, pour hot water over them, and steep for about four minutes. The only waste is spent coffee grounds, which can be used as fertilizer.

Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home

4. Costway Washing Machine

This one will help you save on money, energy and space. The portable, eco-friendly washer by Costway is the perfect solution for doing laundry in a compact environment. It’s great for small apartments, university dorms, or for those who live alone and need to do small amounts of laundry frequently. Why use a huge machine that’s not even 1/4 full when you could use this?

It features a 5.5lbs load capacity for washing the small things you wear a lot, like underwear, bras and socks. You’ll save loads of water and electricity by only washing what is needed!

Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home 

5. Droplet Sprinkler

Combining the latest technologies in robotics, cloud computing and connected services, the Droplet sprinkler allows you to water your lawn and garden without wasting water and energy. Use as little as ten percent of the water and save over $250 per year, not to mention thousands of gallons of water.

Just hook it up to the garden hose and configure with the nearest smart device (like a smartphone). Then visit the Droplet website, input the types of plants and where they’re located, and thanks to a vast data network, the Droplet sprinkler will know when, where and how much water to distribute, and will do so evenly and efficiently, within a roughly thirty-foot range.


6. WeMo Insight Switch

Continuing the theme of remote access, imagine managing all your electronics and appliances from your Wi-Fi network? Belkin’s WeMo Insight Switch allows you to do that. Control wall A/C units, space heaters, TV’s, fans, lights and so on–in short, monitor as many or as few of your home’s gadgets as you want from your Apple or Android devices. Just plug your smart device into the Insight Switch and you’re ready to create rules and on-off schedules to help save energy in your home.


7. Light Bulb Finder

Ever thought about the efficiency of the light bulbs in your home? Well, the Light Bulb Finder is going to help you swap them out for lower energy ones. You can enter information about your light bulbs and this app is going to find you better alternatives that can also save you money. You can also order energy-saving bulbs online form the app.

8. Solar Water Heaters

Sick of hearing about fuel shortages and energy-price increases? To insure against such problems, try a solar water heater from companies like SOL-R-THERM or Edwards. Dependent as they are on the sun, solar water heaters are a form of renewable energy that will meet fifty to one hundred percent of your home’s water-heating needs, from drinking and washing water to floor heating and even swimming pools.

The downside is that the initial investment is generally more costly than conventional water heaters, but long-run savings ensue: the average water bill decreases by fifty to eighty percent with a solar water heater.

9. Infrared Heating Panels

Try heating your home with infrared heating panels. These panels turn electromagnetic radiation (i.e., infrared rays) into heat, which warms anything or body it hits, no matter how cold the air temperature. (Think of the warmth of the sun’s rays on a winter day.)

They carry a lot of benefits: they leave a room’s dust undisturbed, which helps those with respiratory problems; their stable humidity helps sufferers of rheumatic pain and doesn’t dry out your skin; they can save you up to seventy percent over traditional, convection heating methods; and since they’re emission-free, they’ll reduce your carbon footprint, too.

And here’s a bonus: WarmlyYours infrared heating panels (seen below) double as mirrors!

Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home  

10. JouleBug App

Sometimes, we can all do with some motivation, and the JouleBug app helps with that immensely. This is a fun app available for Android and iOS devices. It’s all about learning how to live more sustainably and making it more enjoyable. Whenever you make an eco-friendly choice, you will be awarded pins, badges and points by the app. It’s a great way to get kids in the family involved in helping to save energy in the home, and you can compete with your friends and family members, and enjoy the energy-saving tips JouleBug offers along the way.

Energy Saving Gadgets for Your Home.



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