The History of Paris on a Chain: Jean Joaillerie

Jean Joaillerie is a conscious jewellery brand that aims to share the history of Paris through accessories

By Chere Di Boscio

From the antique posters and books on sale beside the Seine to the retro clothing crowding shops in the Marais; from the Gothic alleyways of the Latin Quarter to the hallowed hallways of the Louvre, Paris is a city packed with history.

The city is also packed, of course, with some of the most stylish fashion and accessory shops in the world, including iconic names like Dior and Chanel. It’s here, in the French capital, that tourists flock every year in their millions to seek out some of the chicest jewellery and clothing, and to soak up a bit of the city’s romantic past.

But now, there is a truly unique way for fashionistas to combine sustainable style and the rich history of Paris: via a stunning collection of repurposed eco-friendly jewellery from Paris.

The History of Paris on a Chain: Jean Joaillerie


Launched in 2010 by Jan Roberts, all pieces by Jean Joaillerie are absolutely unique, because they are created with various materials sourced from the many antique markets scattered throughout Paris and beyond.

These gold-embellished pieces could include anything from the old war medals of forgotten heroes; the crystal from an Art Nouveau glass curtain or the freshwater pearls from a former bride’s necklace, to name just a few possibilities.


When you wear Jean Joaillerie, you’re not only showing off something lovely, you’re also telling a story. Take this “Parfum” Brooch  from the brand’s  “Cinq a Sept” Collection, for example. It features a refillable vintage perfume bottle, French Medaille D’Honneur from the Ministere du Travail and Vintage Bohemian Crystal from an early 1900’s glass curtain rail.

The perfume bottle is in perfect condition and still contains traces of the original scent worn by its ghostly former owner. The medallion brings a touch of national pride to the creation. And both objects are fascinating conversation starters. jean joaillerie

But not only does every piece tell its own story, Jean Joaillerie is also versatile, as it includes necklaces with crystal pendants that can detach into brooches, infused beaded chains that can double as hair accessories, and keychains that are so dazzling, they can even act as unique table centrepieces too!


The brand has recently released a new collection. Called the Diamond Threaders By The Carat Collection, like all  completely sustainable.

Any metals used in this collection are 100% certified recycled, and the diamonds are certified conflict-free and ethically sourced. All raw materials suppliers are a members of the RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council. hoose from : 1/10 carat 3mm round diamond bezel , 1/6 carat  3.5 mm round diamond bezel and 1/4 carat 4 mm round diamond bezel per earring.
jean joaillerie

Prefer something that’s even more targeted towards your style? Got your own personal object sitting in a drawer that you think would make a great statement piece? Jan also takes client requests for bespoke creations.

Or if you’re looking for something in a slightly lower price bracket, go for Jean Joaillerie’s ‘ready to wear’ costume jewelry collections, which include freshwater pearl anklets, earrings and necklaces; fine metal bangles with French messages like ‘Beautiful and Rebellious’, and more.

No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that your accessory will be ethical, beautiful, and of course, full of meaning and stories.

jean joaillerie

For more information, please click here.

Images: Roger Reiss  Model: Vera Marozava (from Agency Team Models)

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