WIN A Self Care Package By Ladson’s

Through meticulously sourced, artisan-crafted skin care, Ladson’s is committed to enriching their customers with the strength and well-being to feel their best. 

It is Ladson’s mission to not only present uniquely crafted natural skincare but also to invite others to be part of a community of farmers, workers, and suppliers who represent true fair-trade and fair pricing, who are working to preserve natural rainforests and keep tribal community-owned land intact.

Ladson’s bypass large anonymous bulk suppliers and buy products directly from the source. Ladson’s support families in Northern Ghana who craft shea and cocoa butter by hand. A family-owned farm in the Sonoran desert in Arizona produces exquisite jojoba oil.

Ladson’s uses oil from upcycled avocados from Ethiopia and by doing so, supports over 30,000 farmers in the region of Addis Ababa. Ladson’s olive oil is harvested and produced by a family-owned olive grove in Tunisia. Kokum Butter was manufactured and pressed in Sindhudrug, India, exclusively for Ladson’s. The garcinia indica tree has grown wild in that region of Maharadscha for centuries. 

Ladson’s products include Skin Care, Hair Care, Dish Soap, Scrub brushes, Serums and more. All made from all-natural ingredients, so you can get the relief of knowing every product you get is sustainably sourced. 

Ladson’s puts care into sourcing their products ethically, their ability to rejuvenate skin, and, most importantly, their ability to help affect positive change in the lives of artisans around the globe. 

The Prize

Give yourself, or someone special, the gift of self care with this thoughtfully selected skin care package by Ladson’s.

Start by washing your hair with the Smooth and Restore Shampoo, followed by a deep, cleanse and condition with the Green Blossom Special Facial Bar.

After soaking in the luxurious essential oils, lock in moisture and add some color to your skin by applying our Buah Merah Mandarine Lotion Bar to your body.

Finally, add Ladson’s fast absorbing, rejuvenating Watermelon Seed Oil, massaged gently into the face with the tips of your fingers.

This package is guaranteed to relax and refresh to take some pressure off!

To enter to win this package of 4 products, simply fill in your details, below.

Giveaway ended. Congrats to Lesse Atkins!

They currently are also running a special that adds a soap heart to every purchase from January 20th to February 14th for Valentine’s day.

Good luck!

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  1. Priscilla Mmoledi

    Being 50years of age, I still wish to have a skin that is rediculiously beautiful… I wish to win this hamper and introduce it to people by selling and making a living from it..

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