WIN 3 Naturally Dyed Goodies From Nostalgae!

Nostalgae has partnered with Eluxe Magazine this week to give away three pieces of the Nostalgae –‘ natural colours only’ collection.

As we have noticed a surge in reusable grocery bags being purchased, we decided to give away 2 Nostalgae reusable linen bags and one yellow scarf. The bags are dyed with turmeric, avocado stone and onion skins and the scarf is upcycled and dyed with turmeric dyes.

Single use plastic grocery bags are so outdated and BYOB #Bring Your Own Bag- should become the new norm as plastic bags are one of the most challenging issues when it comes to recycling- either not enough capacity to collect the different plastic materials- or a total misinformation and confusion from one area to another in terms of recycling plastic bags.

Nostalgae is an innovative sustainable clothing start-up tackling fashion waste by a closed-loop, re-customization system using food waste or algae-based textile colours.

It’s based in East London and it was founded by Luisa in 2017 aiming to fill the gap of naturally dyed clothing, locally and ethically manufactured in the UK and across Europe. They provide a locally sourced, dyed and stitched product; the materials are either linen, locally source from Europe and woven in Ireland or upcycled denim- or other upcycled materials.

The start-up is focused on using food waste such as turmeric, avocado stone and onion skins as pigment for the tops, dresses and bags. Some of the pieces are dyed with microalgae– organisms that naturally occur in water and are known to produce between 70 to 80% of the World’s oxygen

The Circular Model

Is based on a subscription  service; the use of very high quality fabrics that can be re-customised and re-dyed when the customer gets bored of a particular colour; reducing the need for virgin material and preventing the garment from being disposed of; re-coloured and re-customised as the customer wishes- therefore tackling the fact that people might simply fall out of love with a particular colour or style over time.

The latest NEW DENIM UPCYCLED X Nostalgae can be found here, alongside a blog about denim manufacturing environmental impact and how else we can tackle clothing waste.

To win, just enter your details below. Competition ends May 16, 2020. Good luck!

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Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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