7 Simple False Eyelash Hacks To Help Glam You Up

Simple False Eyelash Hacks

By Diane Small

Are you a fan of false eyelashes? From making your eyes look bigger to giving you a far more dramatic, dynamic look, the right pair of false eyelashes can transform your eyes and help you look the way you want to.

While many people are getting professional eyelash extensions, sometimes, there’s just no time to make it to the salon, or worse – you find yourself at that stage when you’re in need of refills, but have no time to mind the gaps, as it were. So honestly? It’s probably easier to just learn how to wear falsies any time you want a more glamorous makeup look – but it may take some time and skill before you perfect your use of them.

Below, I’ve come up with seven simple – but really effective – false eyelash hacks, from applying glue in a new way to doubling up on your lashes for a fuller look and beyond.


Simple False Eyelash Hacks

1. Clean your false eyelashes for a flawless look

When you have lash extensions, sometimes they can get messy. Makeup can get stuck in them, as can unidentifiable fluff. To get rid of that, use an organic eyelash extension cleaning fluid like this one by Lashfresh. You’ll just need a cleansing wand, like one of these, to apply the product.

For false eyelashes you apply yourself, fill a small container with warm water. Add a small amount of washing up liquid, then drop the lashes into the water. Gently clean them for a minute or two, then dry for a pair of flawless, dirt and oil-free lashes.

Simple False Eyelash Hacks

2. Double up on eyelashes for a thicker, fuller look

Want a more dramatic look from your false eyelashes? Try stacking two sets of lashes for extra volume and impact, or layering different lashes for a super-dramatic look. Brands like Vegas Nay lashes are perfect for this, since their lashes come in single pairs for easy mixing and stacking.


Simple False Eyelash Hacks

3. Double glue the edges of your lashes for better adhesion

The edges of your lashes are usually the first part to detach from your eyelids, making them a major annoyance.

The most effective way to fix this problem is to apply a small amount of extra glue to the inner and outer edges of your false eyelashes. This way, you’ll get extra adhesion at the edges and fewer annoying cases of your lashes failing to stick properly.

Try a latex and cruelty free brand like Eyeris to get sturdy results!

Simple False Eyelash Hacks


4. Trim your lashes for a more exact fit

Everyone’s eyes are different, meaning a pair of false eyelashes that fits someone else might not be a good fit for you. To get a more exact fit from your false eyelashes, try them on, make note of their length, then trim them with scissors for a more precise, matching fit.

When you’re trimming your false eyelashes, make sure you cut through the vein to avoid any damage to the lashes. Here’s a great video that describes, step-by-step, how to customize your lashes.

5. Use a hairpin for more precise glue application

Tired of using too much glue to attach your eyelashes? Instead of applying glue to your finger, try applying it to a hairpin, then using the tip of the pin to precisely apply a tiny amount of glue to your false eyelashes. The end result? Less glue and better adhesion to your eyelids!

Looking for more eyelash glue tips? This detailed guide below by YouTuber ItsMyRayeRaye covers the most effective ways to apply false eyelashes for maximum results and minimal frustration.

6. Remove your lashes gently with oil-free makeup remover

Taking off your false eyelashes with your fingers is usually fine, but it only takes one mistake to damage your favourite pair. Instead of using your hands, try applying oil-free makeup remover like this one by Lash Love, to a cotton bud, then use it to gently brush off your false eyelashes.

This way, there’s no direct stress on the lashes, plus you’ll have a lower risk of damaging your own lashes, and your falsies will enjoy a longer life, too!  

Simple False Eyelash Hacks

7. Pull away glue with a pair of tweezers

Over time, glue can build up on your false eyelashes, making them feel heavier and giving them a bulkier, thicker appearance when you wear them. To clean away excess glue, hold the lashes in one hand, then gently grip and pull on any built-up areas of glue before you use the set of lashes again.

Simple False Eyelash Hacks

Diane Small

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