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The Clean 13: Our Top Natural Facial Cleansers


By Holly Litchfield

Isn’t it funny that we wash our face up to twice daily, but often don’t think much about the products we use so regularly? It seems that as long as we feel a face wash gets us clean, that’s enough. But did you know many facial cleansers are actually packed with harsh chemicals that can irritate and damage not only your skin, but your health? Chemicals like sodium laureth sulphates and parabens can actually have long-term impacts on our internal organs, never mind our external complexions.

So of course, it’s more than worth it to seek out an all-natural or organic facial cleanser that’s right for your skin type. We’ve found 13 fantastic brands that are not only as natural as can be, but also come in a wide variety of different types, using different methods and ingredients to cleanse the skin. So whether you’re after a micellar cleaner, something that foams, or a gentle cleansing milk, you’ll find that one of these natural facial cleansers below will leave you feeling as fresh–and as natural–as a daisy.

1. (M)Botanicals Renewing Clay and Bamboo Cleanser

This gentle cleanser comes as a dry powder but actually foams up with a bit of water thanks to a touch of a surprise ingredient: pH balancing  baking soda. It smells refreshingly (and surprisingly) like limes, but contains clay to deep clean the skin, Acai to provide anti-oxidants and nutrients, and baking soda to balance the skin’s pH levels. A truly unique and effective product, this is one of our new favourites.

Best for: Normal to oily skin

clay&bamboo cleanser

2. AEOS Cleansing Oil De-Maq

This oil-based cleanser contains a blend of organic and biodynamic essential oils, plant extracts and the energies of gems and crystals, for skin that tends towards dehydration. The blend of sesame, avocado and spelt oils help in the removal of make-up and impurities for a gentle yet effective cleanse, whilst helping to maintain the delicate moisture balance of the skin. Can also be used for removing eye make-up. Don’t be put off by the idea of cleaning with an oil-we’ve tried this, and it works powerfully to dig out dirt!

Best for: Dry skin


3. Sprekenhus Scrub

This facial scrub has a medium ‘dry’ texture–it’s not got added oil as some do these days, and you needn’t mix in much water to make it work–damp skin will do. The gentle, natural grains get to work fast to illuminate and deeply clean skin.

Best for: Dry skin, deep cleaning


4. Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Facial Swipes

Instead of harsh foaming cleansers, these disposable wipes use coconut derived ingredients to wipe away makeup and grime. These are formulated mainly for new moms or pregnant women who may have hormonal imbalances, so tea tree oil is added to kill the bacteria that causes blemishes. They’re great to have in your bag to refresh your skin on a hot city day, but we’re not sure how we feel about using disposable wipes that aren’t fully biodegradable.

Best for: New and expecting moms

mama mio

5. Trevarno Rose & Jojooba Cleanser

An all time Eluxe favourite, this is cleanser has a light rosy fragrance. It combines the purest of natural ingredients including rose flower water, jojoba oil, grapefruit seed extract and vitamin E to create a formula that’s strong enough to remove even eye make-up but gentle enough for red, mature and delicate skin.

Best for: Sensitive skin


6. Virgo Terra Micellar Cleansing Water

Ideal for sensitive skin types, Virgo Terra have created a gentle, organic formula that aims to remove impurities without causing any irritation on the skin. With ingredients like Bakuchiol targeting signs of aging, this cleansing water prevents future damage and aims to reduce the symptoms associated with problematic skin. Enriched with gentle cleansers, vitamins and extracts of Aloe Vera you can expect skin to feel thoroughly cleansed and completely hydrated.

Best for: Sensitive skin


7. Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa Clarifying Cleanser

This highly nourishing cleanser, suitable for normal-dry skin types, is infused with Rosehip seed oil (more commonly known for its anti-aging fatty acid properties) and essential oils such as Camomile and Damask Rose work to rejuvenate skin leaving a purified, smooth, and more balanced tone. It boasts a delicate floral scent with a gentle foam consistency that eliminates impurities and make-up effectively.

Best for: Mature skins


8. Bareskin Beauty Antioxidant Toner

Containing no less than 4 different kinds of floral waters all bound with a touch of refreshing mint and citrus oils, this 100% natural toner is guaranteed to get the last traces of oil, dirt and makeup off your face. Note: it takes oil off so well, it’s not recommended for dry skins, though.

Best for: Oily skins, acne


9. In Transit No Traces Wipes by ThisWorks

Rosewater and mint provide the delectable scent behind these light facial washing pads. The rosewater leaves a slightly hydrating film whilst the mint refreshes. The only issue is, we’re not sure if these little pads are biodegradable, and what’s more, they’re small, meaning you may need 2-3 to remove all makeup.

Best for: Those on the move, oily skin


10. NUXE Bio Cleansing Milk

This gentle cleanser is designed to remove all make-up types including stubborn waterproof mascaras and long-lasting foundations. Its ultra-soft formula, consisting of organic Blackberry, Apricot and Aloe Vera extracts leave skin feeling revived and smooth whilst its Organic Orange Water combats areas of dehydrated skin. Enriched with Organic Virgin Sesame Oil for up optimum comfort, Bio Beaute proudly ensure 100% gentle properties on application and thereafter.

Best for: Dry, dehydrated skin


11. Celtic Complexion Coconut Cleanser

This thick, rich formula wipes off all traces of makeup instantly. Made with a soothing blend of organic aloe juice, organic coconut oil, organic green tea extract, the essential oils in the formula–namely ylang ylang, lavender, rosewood, tangerine and bergamont–leave this not with a coconut scent, but a lightly floral one.

Best for: Perfect for all skin types, including rosacea.

coconut creme cleanser 4 oz-1

12. Aloree Chlorocosmetic

This French brand may be a mouthful, but this milky formula works a treat. It’s 100% natural, and packs quite a few organic ingredients too. We’ve tried and tested this and can guarantee this will remove ALL traces of makeup. The best part? It smells divinely of lush, dewy red roses.

Best for: Makeup removal, all skin types



13.  Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser

If you like removing makeup and dirt old-school style, this is perfect for you. Just apply a small amount of Carrot Butter Cleanser onto dry skin with your fingertips and wait,  allowing the cleanser to fully dissolve grime and make-up. Remove with a soft muslin cloth soaked in hot water. Not only will this method of cleansing remove all dirt and impurities, but it also boosts circulation too.

Best for: All skin types, especially dry

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