Ideas for Healthy Holiday Retreats

By Arwa Lodhi

You have two choices for the holidays: you can sit around, eat mince pies and drink loads of eggnog whilst lounging on the sofa chatting to friends and family before slinking off to bed in a food coma, or you can escape the cold and glutton-fest and go on a healthy holiday retreat that makes you feel revived, refreshed and ready for anything. Added bonus: you’ll see a new country, meet some new people and learn about a new culture. What better gift to yourself could you give?

Here are 8 great ideas for healthy holiday retreats that you will be very, very glad you took.

1. Deep Sleep Digital Detox: Italy Ti Sana Insomnia

Father Christmas won’t visit until you’re asleep, so what better time of year to banish insomnia for good? Set within the Italian province of Lombardy, get the tools you need to start your New Year re-energised at Ti Sana in Italy. Discover a good night’s sleep in your digital detox suite, and tailor your stay from a choice of slimming, relaxing or energising insomnia programmes. Through healthy nutrition, medical spa treatments and calming yoga classes, recover your sleep-wake rhythms and rebalance the stress hormone cortisol.

Prices  from £2,635pp or £2,870 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, an insomnia programme, return flights and transfers.  

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2. New You Nutrition: Philippines The Farm

This New Year’s ditch the post party hangover and embrace a nutritious new you on a healthy holiday in the Philippines. Specialists in raw vegan cuisine, you’ll replace turkey and stuffing to discover just how tasty healthy eating can be at the award-winning Alive! restaurant. Combine this delicious and nutritious cuisine with a choice of healthy holiday programmes, including fitness, yoga, detox, stress management, weight loss and healthy ageing. Discover The Farm’s back to nature approach, with natural and organically sourced holistic spa treatments, to revive your mind and body.

Get 7 nights at The Farm from £2,240pp or £2,590 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a choice of programmes, return flights and transfers.  

9625520 mandaya-house-exterior-large The-Farm-Detoxifying-Treatment

4. Yuletide Yoga: Thailand Kamalaya Yoga Synergy

This festive season, give yourself the gift of winter wellness during a Christmas holiday of yuletide yoga at Kamalaya in Thailand. With one-to-one yoga sessions tailored to suit your goals and skills, this specialist yoga retreat is suitable for both beginners and experienced yogis alike. Including instruction in asana (physical posture), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, start your New Year feeling physically renewed and mentally inspired. As well as daily yoga practice, allow your body to be nurtured with Ayurveda spa therapies from experienced Indian therapist.

7 nights at Kamalaya from £3,045pp or £3,610 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a yoga programme, return flights and transfers.  

Kamalaya-lower-pool-blog1 Kamalaya-tea-lounge-2 Kamalaya-yoga-class-3_Supplier_Package_Hero_Image

5. Cleansing Christmas: Thailand Phuket Cleanse Detox & Fitness

If this year has been tough on your body, give it the Christmas gift of replenishment with a cleansing winter detox in Thailand. Combining invigorating detox cuisine with fitness activities, boost your cleanse with TRX training, beach bootcamp sessions and yoga. Experience the benefits of a healthy detox with raw and vegan cuisine, paired with cleansing detox juices. Learn from wellness workshops and healthy food preparation classes, to end the year in your healthiest condition yet, ready to beat the winter blues at every corner.

7 nights at Phuket Cleanse from £2,735 or £2,925 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a detox & fitness programme, return flights and transfers.

Phuket-cleanse-TRX-1_Supplier_Package_Hero_Image images phuket-cleanse-villa

6. Seasonal Stress Relief: Thailand Absolute Sanctuary De-Stress

Break the cycle of stress and exhaustion this Christmas and begin the New Year with a healthy dose of seasonal stress relief in Thailand. With a holistic approach to the renewal of mind, body and spirit, release your anxieties through a series of relaxing spa therapies and stress management sessions.   Detach yourself from the stress of everyday life during calming sunrise walks to the nearby beach, together with daily yoga classes and group meditation sessions, to give yourself the break you deserve.

8 nights at Absolute Sanctuary from £1,920pp or £2,195 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a stress management programme, return flights and transfers.

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7. Winter Wellness: Switzerland The Alpina Gstaad Ski & Spa

Guarantee yourself the white Christmas you’ve been dreaming of at the stunning Alpina Gstaad in the Swiss Alps. Escape to this winter wonderland and perfect those parallel turns as you enjoy skiing across five nearby ski areas in the Gstaad Region. Off the slopes, keep active with ice skating before rejuvenating with a selection of holistic treatments at the highly luxurious Six Senses Spa, where treatments include Tibetan healing sound vibrations, customised massages, crystal therapies and much more. In the evening, venture into the wine cellar and enjoy delicious cuisine with stunning views of the glacier.

7 nights at The Alpina Gstaad from £2,435pp or £3,425 for single occupancy. Price includes breakfast, a ski & spa programme and return flights.

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8. Holistic Holiday Season: India Ananda Rejuvenation

Reconnect in India this winter on a holistic holiday, set in the secluded serenity of the Himalayas. Reduce stress with Ananda’s ancient Indian Ayurveda therapies and regain the balance of a healthier lifestyle with tailored Ayurvedic cuisine. Begin Christmas Day with a personal yoga session and mountain trek, before swapping the traditional turkey for a cooking lesson. Enjoy a healthier, more relaxing winter holiday, where your comfort is the focus, and your well-being the philosophy

7 nights at Ananda from £3,430pp or £4,370 for single occupancy. Price includes full board, a wellness programme, return flights and transfers.  

ananda-rejuvenation Ananda-yoga-Viceregal-room luxury india spa holidays ananda spa

9. Seasonal Solos: St Lucia The BodyHoliday

Escape the winter cold and soak up the sunshine during the festive season on a solo friendly holiday in St Lucia. With a hosted singles table every evening and an array of group fitness classes; this all-inclusive wellness retreat is ideal for solo travellers looking to escape the family drama this Christmas. Start the New Year getting back on the fitness ladder with sports and activities, including personal training sessions, tennis, scuba diving and yoga. Unwind in the award-winning spa and welcome the New Year feeling rejuvenated.


The-BodyHoliday-12 st.-lucia-resort-all-inclusive-bodyholiday

For more information or to book any of these holidays, click here  or call  Health and Fitness Travel on 0203 397 8891

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