Ma Vie en Verte: Eco Designer Joyce Pilarsky

By Chere Di Boscio

Joyce Pilarsky is a multitalented artist, socialite, philanthropist, designer and former beauty queen. Known as the Philippines’ ‘Queen of Eco-Fashion,’  Joyce married a German diplomat and she set up a home in Europe. But she has never forgotten the natural beauty of her native land, and is still strongly influenced by memories of the pristine beaches and forests of her childhood.

After regularly showing her creations at Philippine Fashion Week, she also began showing her delicate, feminine creations on catwalks in the USA and Europe. A favourite with brides and those walking red carpets around the globe, all of Joyce’s designs are eco-friendly, using only materials that are kind to the Earth.

Here, she shares a bit about her Vie en Verte with Eluxe.

How does nature inspire you?

Nature is my life, I live and  breathe, because of it and it inspires me in many ways. The beauty of the flowers makes me creative, the sounds of the birds and the different creatures makes my heart sing. The mystery of the night is a story for me to tell. The beautiful mountains full of trees makes me realize that God really provides for all our needs.


How do you manage to stay healthy with such a busy schedule?

I try my best to take care of what I eat, try to balance my body mind and soul and incorporate my exercises with my work.

What is the earliest memory you have of being in nature?

When my parents brought me to the zoo and gardens when I was just a small child.

What’s the most positive thing you do for the environment in your daily life?

I try my best to help in the maintenance of cleanliness by trying not to litter, to segregate my trash, and of course, to use only eco products in my work and in my  fashion lines.

unnamed-1What’s your greatest eco ‘sin’?    

Using a lot of water when I  take a bath ,

What would be your eco-friendly dream travel destination?  

I’d really love to travel somewhere in  Caribbean. I hear there are a lot of good tourist spots there and I want to see and explore the beautiful islands  and enjoy their natural surroundings.

Which eco issues are most important to you?

It is still global warming.

How do you think further damage to the planet can be stopped?

In my opinion, the answer is to give more love. Love makes a person more responsible, caring, attentive, concerned and compassionate. These are the traits we need in order to make beautiful changes in this world in which we live in. When we love  nature, we do our best to preserve it and care for it and nurture it because  our heart is connected to it. Loving our planet can give us such happiness and joy, which will always come back to us in mysterious ways beyond our comprehension.

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