Wysips Crystal: Never Charge Your Phone Again

By Nick Miles

We’ve all been there: desperate for a charger after what seems like only about three hours of phone use, we run around asking friends and colleagues to borrow theirs, which, they too have inevitably forgotten to bring.

But panic no more: if the Sunpartner Group has their way, you may never have to worry about charging your phone again.

How is this possible? Well, the clue is in the company’s name: they make ultra-thin, transparent photovoltaic technologies that produce energy from natural–or, importantly, artificial–light sources.

Their Wysips Crystal ® can be used with any kind of mobile device, from standard mobile phones and smartphones to tablets and e-books. It works with all kinds of screen technology, including MEMMS, bistable, LCD, OLED, and optical screens.


There are big plans for the technology: Wysips envisions implementing the screens on a wide range of applications from billboards to sailboats, but first development efforts are focusing on mobile phones and LCD screens.


The Wysips solar film is not actually transparent, but appears transparent to the user by implementing  lenticular printing, an optical technology which shows different images depending on the observer’s position and is used often to create 3D effects and animations.


The Wysips product consist of two layers mounted onto the smartphone screen. One is a film of photovoltaic strips, and the other is a flexible lenticular film, by which the user sees the screen or image from one angle, and the PV layer from another.

To charge a phone, all the user has to do is hold the screen up to a light source. So efficient is Wysips, e-books and mobile phones will no longer need a charger at all; iPads, Android and iPhones may sometimes need the extra boost of electricity to be fully charged, but that depends on usage and model.

While there are some solar phone chargers available on the market already, they are still separate items that need to be packed with you on your days out. The Wysip is built into the phone, meaning even the most forgetful person will always have enough battery for a text or two–an idea whose time has come!

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