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Lost and Found: Winde Reinstra

By Arwa Lodhi

While Chanel and Dior may be the highlights of Paris Fashion Week for many, and Burberry is often the star of London Fashion Week, when it comes to Amsterdam’s turn, for most, Winde Reinstra is the most anticipated talent on the runway. And with good reason.


Although still very young, the Dutch designer has made a name for herself with her creative use of materials. In particular, she often works with wood, as she believes the grain of the natural material adds to the beauty of any design.


Wool and silk also play heavy roles in her collections, as they are pliable, light and can be crafted into either light, delicately draped shapes, or chunkier, bolder silhouettes as the warrior-like shoulders above illustrate.


But perhaps what Winde is most famous for is her use of found objects to create shoes. We love this idea: imagine you’ve got a big event, but nothing to wear, and your good friend, Winde, sees some plexiglass, wood, string, or even some Lego pieces, and comes up with the coolest shoes you’ve ever seen.


Indeed, it’s with architectural footwear made from found objects that Reinstra is really making her name. Although some other designers, such as Iris Van Herpen and United Nude are creating architectural shoes, they often do so via 3D printed moulds; Reinstra’s found object technique is much more eco-friendly, but no less innovative or architectural.


Indeed, the young talent is dedicated to being green. After winning the Dutch Idol Design awards in 2007, she  entered The Green Fashion Competition of last November of 2010. The event, held yearly by the Netherland’s Ministry of the Economy and Agriculture, is a prestigious one, and Reinstra earned a spot in the finals for her work.


She claims her work is eco-friendly not only for its choice of materials, but also for working on  slow-fashion principles. According to the designer, her designs are a balance between fashion and art, but remains sustainable; it’s green couture.


With incredible forms and innovative concepts, Winde Reinstra’s work sustains not only environmental integrity, but the imagination and respect of all her admirers.


For more information, please  click here, or  visit here.  To see more pics from Winde Reinstra’s collections, click through the arrow in the middle right of the image below.  

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