Label Love: Eco Luxury Knitwear By 22 Factor

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The 22 Factor eco luxury knitwear has the feel good factor built in

By Chere Di Boscio

What you don’t know about the design process may surprise you: typically, designer brands start creating a new collection around nine months before it’s launched in stores. They come up with the theme, mood, colour palettes; then draw sketches, try out different stitches, make prototypes. They revise them and edit some out; revise them again and edit some more out.

Finally, the line is built and sold to retailers. In this chain of processes, waste is inevitable: the brand might have to order more yarn than needed because of the minimum order requirements of the supplier. They might have started with pink, red, blue and white, and later edit the pink out because it doesn’t match the rest of the collection. No matter how conscious designers are, some yarn will end up unused.

Fortunately, more brands are trying to reduce waste and ‘close the loop’, one stitch at a time. And one such brand is 22 Factor.

The Hong Kong based label upcycles virgin yarns and gives them new life through unique design.

It’s not the easiest process, since  leftover yarn usually comes to the brand in fragmented colours and quantities. Yet, this is what makes salvaging them more fun. And one of the best bits about doing so? 22 Factor is able to produce eco-luxe knitwear at a fraction of the price.

This a brand that aims to ‘last, love and live’. Their garments last because they’re well-made from noble materials. They love the planet – and people – because they collaborate with several social enterprises making conditions better for people, and of course, upcycling unwanted yarn also loves the planet. Lastly, 22 Factor is all about living, because they create knitwear that you can actually feel comfortable in – their overall goal is to get us to consume less new material and live better.

They currently offer five unique and inspired collections – and each one has a different story.

22 Factor knitwear

Bon Voyage

This consists of travel-friendly sweaters, skirts and track suits that are cozy yet light, while their statement scarves provide a versatile layer of extra warmth. There are even a few inflight accessories for first-class comfort, like soft eye-masks, cocoon-like shawls and snuggly neck pillows.


This Danish word is used to describe a feeling of coziness, wellness and overall contentment – as well as 22 Factor’s luxurious silk-cashmere cushions, soft honeycomb-knit cardigans, and more. This hygge-inspired collection is infused with the cozy contentment of home. Relaxed silhouettes are contrasted with clean lines and vogue patterns for some effortless style.

22 Factor knitwear


Words are powerful! The brand has taken some of their favourite words of inspiration and weaved them into a stunning merino wool collection with a message. Each piece is a reminder to love ourselves and our planet.

22 Factor knitwear


22 Factor has partnered with social enterprise 3H Handicraft to create this upcycled collection of crochet accessories, handmade with love by the immigrant mothers they support. Your purchase makes their lives better.


The classic comfy-knit gets a chic and feminine twist! With delicate detailing and sculptural silhouettes,  this luxurious collection of retro, bohemian pieces is a best seller.

22 Factor knitwear

It’s not easy to cut out waste in fashion, but 22 Factor is aiming to redefine luxury fashion by making it more sustainable and ethical, too. Let’s make a difference, one stitch at a time!

Please click the link for more info about 22 Factor.


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