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Chosen! The EcoChic Design Award 2015-16 Finalists

By Holly Litchfield

As the EcoChic Design Award grows in popularity and prestige, Fashion NGO Redress’ search for emerging sustainable fashion designers in Asia and Europe also expands its scope.

This year, Redress has searched 40 countries from as far as India, Kazakhstan and Thailand and as near as the UK and France to find 10 designers to collectively represent the importance of sustainable design.

These talented 10 will  amongst emerging designers. Now these ten designers, who represent seven countries across Asia and Europe, will continue their ambitions to create a more sustainable fashion industry as they produce their textile-waste-reducing collections ready for the reveal on the Hong Kong Fashion Week runway in January 2016, where career-changing prizes, including designing an up-cycled collection for Shanghai Tang, will be awarded.

“The world is finally waking up to the horrific environmental and social impacts caused by the wasteful fashion industry and people are questioning how the fashion industry has become the world’s second most polluting industry, after oil,” said Christina Dean, Founder, Redress. “ Through The EcoChic Design Award, we are educating designers around the world to reduce waste through sustainable design innovation to inspire a more positive future for the industry. The change we need is in their hands.”

The shortlisted designers for this year’s competition are: Belle Benyasarn, Esther Lui, Pan Wen, Tsang Fan Yu, Wang Di, Cora Maria Bellotto, Patrycja Guzik, Sara Kiani, Annie Mackinnon, and Amy Ward.    

“I was extremely impressed with the level of thought put into the initial sketches by the designers as well as the propositions of use of fabrics – be it using unconventional materials, zero-waste patterns or secondhand textiles…you get some really exciting ideas that are truly innovative,” said one of the ten judges of the competition Susie Lau, also known as blogger Susie Bubble.

The first prize winner will design a capsule collection labelled in their own name, using up-cycled textiles for Shanghai Tang, China’s leading luxury brand, and will later return to Hong Kong to work with Shanghai Tang’s creative team from the collection’s design, production to marketing, but there are plenty of other life-changing prizes for the second and third runners up, too, and every shortlisted designer has the potential to make sustainable fashion history.

A mood board by one of the designers

A mood board by one of the designers



Pan Wen’s Design Entry


Amy Ward’s entry design


Annie Mackinnon sketched a coat, trousers and top with zero waste in mind


Patrycja Guzik’s zero waste design


Patrycja’s mood board


Fan Yu Tsang’s deconstructed vest dress


Sara Kiani wants to use both upcycling and zero waste techniques for her design



One of the designer’s mood board


Esther Liu plans to create this outfit by using upcycling techniques


Cora Maria Bellotto is one of the Europeans shortlisted for the award


Wang Di’s entry for the competition


Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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