Socket To Me! The Solar Window Socket

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

When we think of solar panels, normally huge, black slabs come to mind. But when design and sustainability come together results can be extraordinary. A great example of what I mean is how is a tiny little ball can actually serve as a solar energy device!

Meet the Solar Window Socket, designed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh. The pocket-sized device offers a neat way to harness solar energy, and use it in a plug socket format.The Solar Window Socket

Its logical operation is straightforward: the charger sticks to a window with a suction plate that encircles the solar panel, and a basic outlet feeds the converted solar power to a device.

The Window Socket then draws solar power to an internal battery, which enables one to either plug in small devices to the outlet, or save the stored power for use during night time hours. The battery on the solar window socket is very small; at 1000mAh, the stored power could be about enough to charge a mobile phone. Which is what most of us would probably use this portable charger for, right?

The Solar Window Socket

Until now, we have mainly seen solar solutions that act as a solar battery backup, but none as a direct plug. Hence, this tiny, elegant device is kind of revolutionary – you can stick in and use pretty much any electronic device that fits the plug. And most importantly, you can bring it around with you and use it on any window that comes in handy, as long as there’s some daylight. It’s great to have on hand, particularly where there is restricted use of electricity, such as when you’re outdoors or on a plane.

The bad news? This solar-powered window socket isn’t on the market yet, and the availability and its price has yet to be announced. But in the near future, Song & Oh hope to increase its efficiency, energy storage and charge time.

Hopefully, this concept will inspire other industrial designers to follow the similar path and bring more environmentally-friendly, impressively convenient products on the market.

Running your electronic devices on pure solar energy is more than thrifty, it’s free! And most importantly, it helps to safeguard the planet.

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