It Grows On You: The Solar Suntree Charger

By Chere Di Boscio

Most people may have a few little plants on their desks, but smart ones have an entire tree: a Solar Suntree, that is.

This little device is perfect for anyone who has multiple devices, and who gets a bit frustrated by the fact that they never seem to be charged! It’s also great for those who don’t like to clutter their living space with loads of cables, or even for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, camping, or in the countryside.

The eco-friendly gadget is in the shape of a tree and is made from sustainable bamboo. It serves as a stylish, cordless charging station for iPods, phones, MP3 players and all other small electronic devices.


Created by  XD Design, Solar Suntree gets its energy by 9 solar sheets that charge a rechargeable 1350 mAh lithium battery inside. The solar charging station has a mini USB port and an USB output (5V/max. 600mAh). It’s multiple solar chargers mean that the devices soaks up energy faster than most other solar chargers; it provides more juice for your phones and tablets, and it looks pretty cool, too!


The tech specs include the following features:

  • Capacity per solar panel is 5,2 V/20mA
  • Battery performance is 5V/max. 600mA
  • Accumulator: 1350mAh lithium battery
  • Port: Mini-USB
  • Output: USB
  • Delivery incl. Mini-USB-cable
  • Keep this in mind, though: the charger is not suitable for PCs

Like a real tree, you need to keep the Solar Suntree in the sunlight to make it work, so place it fairly near a  a window for best results. It makes a perfect corporate gift, and it’s priced at less than $100. Plus, of course, it saves a bit on your energy bills!


For more information, please click here.  

Chere Di Boscio

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