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PFW AW14: Stella McCartney Gets Cosy

By Chere Di Boscio

Stella McCartney knows what it’s like to feel a chill. After all, the vegan designer was born and raised in damp, cold Britain, spending much of her time in a centuries old, stone farm. So it comes as no surprise that when designing her AW14 collection for Paris Fashion Week, she had keeping warm in mind.


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Oversized tweedy knits with sleeves that extend way past fingertips reminded me of how I used to wear my dad’s jumpers in high school. Aiming for a grungy look, I’d stretch his old sweaters out around my knees and pull them down past my wrists. They were comfy, and above all, cozy, and these offerings from McCartney were my favourite–especially as they came with matching knitted bags.


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Of course, there was much more on offer besides knits, including sporty mini dresses , silky tie-dyes, and that trademark McCartney tailoring, especially evident in her slouchy trousers. Β Cocoon coats will still be hot for next winter, and Stella’s large, knitted winter-wear came with chunky zips, jacquard and swirls of rope applique.


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Models were fresh-faced, keeping in with a huge trend for nude makeup that seems set to continue past springtime, and shoes were chisel-toed and chunky. Comprised of wood and rubber, Stella clearly took her inspiration from the classic British ‘brothel creeper’ made popular by the Teddy Boys of the 50s and 60s.


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The show was attended by Stella’s husband, Allasdhair Willis and her boss, Francois Henri Pinault, as well as stars like Rihanna, Karen Elson and Ines de la Fressange, all of whom were amused by a tanned Cara Delevigne skipping down the runway at the finale, adding the perfect ending to a show that was about cool British comfort.


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Images courtesy Stella McCartney

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