Pringle of Scotland Deconstructed

By Diane Small
By basing its creations in pure  wool and cashmere since 1815, you could say Pringle of Scotland was one of the first ever sustainable luxury fashion brands. Not only has the brand been consistently dedicated to keeping its entire manufacturing process local, it also innovated some classic styles that defy fast-fashion trends: think  signature argyle patterns and ladylike twin sets in different knits, colours and patterns.

Susanna Lau’s choice

Most recently, Pringle has proven it’s a classic brand in a modern era by launching a digital program that ensures fans of the iconic brand can purchase clothing they will adore and keep forever. The Deconstructed program is an interactive platform offering highly personalised bespoke cashmere styles in fully customisable  designs; there’s even an  option to monogram each style, select logo placement and colour menus  for each component such as trims and sleeves.


Sandro Kopp


To showcase the wide variety of options, the  Deconstructed Program collaborated with style influencers such  as Tilda Swinton, Manolo Blahnik, Caroline Issa, Bryan Boy and David Shrigley to show you just what each of these personalities could come up with for their own wardrobes.


Tilda Swinton’s design
Tilda Swinton has long represented the brand
Manolo Blahnik’s design

Whether you prefer to wear ice cream colours like Susanna Lau, boldly shaded diamonds like Bryan Boy or a more minimalist style like those created by Tilda Swinton and Manolo Blahnik,  your own personalised cashmere sweater will be delivered to you within six weeks after design.

Bespoke style that’s gentle on the earth and soft on the skin? We couldn’t really ask for more…
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