Label Love: The Lowdown on Lozena

By Arwa Lodhi

Slavic women are strong, sexy, and feminine – and family-owned  brand  LOZENA  has Slavic women at the core of their brand. The family owned label is dedicated to  the preservation and celebration of Slavic culture, its people, and the environment.

Whilst creating designs inspired by the strength and beauty of Slavic women, the brand is also dedicated to reducing their ecological footprint and passionate about reviving the authentic traditions that give meaning to fashion. They believe that using natural, organic, recycled, non-toxic and handcrafted materials is the best way to do so, as well as working with artisans and companies that uphold the highest quality and fair trade standards.

LOZENA is always on the hunt for fabrics that have a minimal impact at each stage of a garment’s lifecycle, and prefers  biodegradable materials, reduces solid and water waste in their facilities and employs fabrics that can be laundered less frequently, by hand or in cold water to lower energy consumption. They avoid conventional cotton at all costs, due to the fact that it’s usually grown from genetically modified seeds and uses  over 700 gallons of water to manufacture just one t-shirt.

Conventional cotton is also responsible for a quarter of insecticide use, despite accounting for only 2.4% of the world’s total cropland. Instead, they use  linen and hemp, which require little water to grow and naturally ward off pests, and sometimes,  organic cotton, which keeps soil intact and farmers safe from agricultural chemicals.

For wool, LOZENA prefers alpaca, as these animals  tread lightly on the earth, and simply eat grass to survive. Alpaca is also known to be several times warmer than regular sheep’s wool; does not contain lanolin, therefore is hypoallergenic; and its soft, plush hand is comparable to cashmere. They also choose alpaca because high demand for cashmere has led to overgrazing in many regions, contributing to desertification.

Synthetic fabrics are only used by the label if they are recycled, otherwise, natural fabrics like those mentioned above reign. Additionally, LOZENA loves, silk, as it is one of the finest yet strongest fibers in the world. They  also embrace peace silk, which is woven from fibers that have been broken as the moth emerges from the cocoon. Although slightly weaker and less lustrous than continuous thread silks, the life of the silkworm is saved and the product is still beautiful, as LOZENA’s designs clearly show.

We love the light, sensual feeling of their chosen fabrics against the skin, and the feminine touches, such as slightly transparent blouses, and delicate cut outs that reveal just the right amount of flesh. LOZENA is truly the definition of Slavic women: resilient, caring and beautiful.

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