Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture: Turning Heads

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture makes any woman more memorable

By Chere Di Boscio

I remember seeing her at a resort in Malaysia.

She stood out from the other holiday makers because her clothes were so stunning.

One morning, she wore a floaty, olive green kaftan with the most exquisite detailing in a darker green along the sleeves and hem. She took it off to reveal what was clearly a handmade, white macrame one piece bathing suit underneath.

The next day, it was something different: a hot pink halter dress with matching heeled sandals. But every day, I looked forward to seeing what this woman would wear. I thought her outfits were simply stunning – quite a contrast to me. I had ‘packed light,’ with a single dress that also acted as a kaftan, one bikini I washed every day, and a few tees and a pair of shorts. But oh – how I wished I could turn heads with incredible fashion, like this mystery woman was doing!

When I came across Kristina Viirpalu’s summer collection, I realised: this is exactly the kind of resort wear that incredibly chic woman would have chosen. Summer couture. Clearly not off the rack. And when I discovered Viirpalu’s work is also sustainable, well, I just had to feature her in Eluxe.

Estonian Traditions Revived

Kristina Viirpalu creates clothing that is 100% handmade from locally sourced yarn and fabric. Each one-of-a-kind piece takes around 2-3 months of painstaking work from three or more masterful artisans to finish – and it shows!

The highlights of the brand are the exuberantly hand-knitted dresses created by the masters of this unique craft. These intricately made summer couture pieces are inspired by the Haapsalu shawl, the preferred accessory of the Estonian upper class women of the 19th century. Apparently, these shawls were knitted so fine, they could be pulled through a wedding ring! This delicate and fragile technique remains a living source of inspiration for this designer.

KV’s hand embroidered bodysuits are additionally inspired by the motifs and patterns of various Estonian folk costumes and can easily be worn with skirts, jeans or anything else completely changing your look throughout the day.

These slow fashion, positive luxury garments are delicate and light on the body, making them perfect for hot summer weather. I’m particularly enamoured with the embroidered motifs on the swimwear. The fact that they’re stitched on to nearly invisible fabric makes them give the appearance of beautiful floral ‘tattoos’ on the body!

This is resort wear meant to turn heads. Kristina Viirpalu summer couture instantly transforms any woman into that hotel guest whose style is memorable by others for years to come. Do you deserve any less?

Kristina Viirpalu collection is available worldwide from her e-commerce:

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

Kristina Viirpalu Summer Couture

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