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And The Bride Wore Green: This Year’s Best Sustainable Bridal Brands

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Ah, how to be an eco-bride? It’s an important concern for many women who choose to get married these days. I mean, if we hold traditional beliefs like ‘something borrowed, something blue’ to heart, believing they will add blessings and luck to our union, why would we choose to mark our special day with a whole bunch of pollution and waste, instead of making a positive contribution to the planet?

There are plenty of ways you can be a sustainable bride, in terms of the dress. For example, you could:

  • Choose to buy vintage (or even wear your mom’s, if it’s pretty and fits!)
  • Go to a tailor with the eco-fabric of your dreams and your favourite maxi dress and ask her to replicate it.
  • Visit a designer you love and ask them to make you an eco-gown (rather than construct one from the materials they usually use).
  • Rent a gorgeous gown instead of buying it
  • Or just buy the perfect frock from a sustainable designer, like those below.

No matter where you live in the world, we’ve found some sustainable bridal brands that meet not only our (pretty high!) eco-expectations, but also our aesthetic ones, too.

1. Leila Hafzi

Sold in exclusive boutiques globally, this super high end, couture designed label is ethical and ecological – and has been for almost 20 years. Expertly crafting natural materials like modal, silk and organic cotton into designs as diverse as flapper inspired gowns to kimono themed dresses, Hafzi well deserves her recognition for creativity and attention to detail.


2. Reformation

This super hip, conscious label came to life in 2009 in the City of Angels, and has since (rather unsurprisingly) become a celeb favourite. Always held in esteem for the perfect cuts of their maxi dresses, the next logical step for Reformation was to move into wedding gowns. These chic designs are made from upcycled and dead stock fabric, and wrap around the female body to portray a free-spirited elegant woman, who coalesces the wildness of nature with the modernity of a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The best part? You can easily buy these online from anywhere.

3. Sanyuka Shretha

This well known Nepalese born, London based couture designer distinguishes herself with suave Milca fabric, a super silky textile made with a by-product of milk. A combination of dairy fibres and modal blend together to create a soft, stunning and highly sustainable material for a fairytale wedding dress. Shretha’s ethically made garments envelop brides in sweetly smooth second skins – cuts are somewhat sexy, and comfortable enough to wear for hours – through ceremonies, dancing, dining and more. Waltzing brides will feel at one with nature, evoking the charm and elegance of timeless beauty.

4. Daughters of Simone

Who says feminists don’t get married? Internationally sold label Daughters of Simone is a pro-woman, pro-nature brand that makes its gowns from upcycled vintage pieces – with loads of inspiration from feminist icon Simone De Beauvoir. The French existential philosopher’s name is built into the brand, as is her vibe: one of individuality, independence, and creativity.

5. Janay A Eco Bridal

With the help of a special team of local seamstresses, your creative gown vision will be brought to life by Janay A through a unique co-creation process, from initial sketch to final fitting. The brand distinguishes itself also for specialising in re-creating heirloom wedding gowns – a wonderful way to honour your family’s heritage. Silk hemp and organic cottons are part of the luxurious eco-friendly materials used in the making of the dream dress. As some have rightly said, Janay acts as your hip Fairy Godmother, transforming your vision gown into a reality.

6. Minna

At Minna, everything, from the heirloom quality bridal gowns to the accessories are handmade and designed in London. The highest quality silk and lace fabrics are sourced from all over the world and  mixed with genuine vintage and certified fair trade fabrics. This label has very quickly re-defined what conscious fashion should be, setting an example with its environmentally friendly production techniques, including local manufacturing and zero waste pattern cutting techniques that are used for every garment.

7. Christy Dawn

We kind of just like the sound of this name – feminine and bright, the way an actual wedding dress should be! But Christy Dawn is more than that – it’s super sustainable, thanks to the fact that all these American made dresses are created from dead stock. The result? Floaty, pretty gowns that personally, I’d dye and wear again and again!

8. Loulette Bride

Made  New York City from natural materials such as silk, antique lace and netting, Louette Bride’s creations are sold throughout the USA in boutiques in California, New York, Michigan, and Oregon. Delicate details and dyeing techniques set Loulette apart from the rest – we especially love the impressionistic effects created by her use of colour!

9. Savin London

Ethically made in London from sustainable French and Italian fabrics, Savin London stands out for its unique prints and designs. Embroidered flowers, delicate dentelle and bold brocades add perfect touches for brides who believe more is more when it comes to dress detailing.

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