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10 Healthy Holidays To Help You Heal

By Arwa Lodhi A new year often means a new you – people strive to improve themselves, both physically and mentally. With nearly two-thirds Londoners using their holiday time to attend routine health appointments, it seems that we are…

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Maximum R&R at The Spa at the Midland

By Paige French Stress management, socialising and  staying sane under pressure are increasingly difficult in today’s urban hubs. Overcrowding, rubbish fast food and work demands mean most people are precipitously close to burning out. One of the easiest ways…

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Detox Delight: Ti Sana Health Retreat

By Chere Di Boscio After holidays spent over-eating, drinking, and being a bit too merry, many of us want a fresh start.  We’ll be trying to detox ourselves of overindulgence by juicing and dieting and joining a gym. But…

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LUX La Reunion Reviewed

By Chere Di Boscio One of the best holidays I’ve ever had in my life was at a LUX* property. Actually scratch that–THREE of the best holidays I’ve had, because I keep going back to LUX* le Morne in…

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The Blue Palace Spa Hotel Crete Reviewed

By Ariadna Bakhmatova With the global wellness Spa scene expanding quicker than one can follow, I’ve always been much more eager to explore new holistic destinations rather than returning to the places I’ve been before. Yet there are a…