It’s Alive! AEOS Skincare

By Chere Di Boscio

AEOS Stands for Active, Energised, Organic Skincare. But how can skincare be Active? Or energised?

The range is Active for ingredients that are sourced from organic soil at a farm in Lincolnshire that has been nourished for and activated for optimal performance, and the plants chosen for each formula are selected for their bio-dynamic properties. Essential oils and enzymes from botanical components including Spelt, Jojoba, Argan, Grape Seed, Rose and Ylang Ylang oils ensure your skin not only feels wonderful, but smells good too.


To Energise the ingredients, the company uses  additional support from crystal essences for the well being of your skin. Rose quartz purportedly heals the negative emotions of the heart and helps with emotional release; and clear quartz is energizer capable of unblocking and balancing the chakras.  With ingredients including not only quartz, but Topaz (which heals bruises and skin injuries), Amethyst (good for breakouts) and Blue Sapphire (perfect for healing skin disorders), how could your skin not be radiant after using AEOS?

This skincare range is not for the lazy, however. Certain instructions must be followed. For example, all of the lovely, thick, frosted glass bottles should be shaken before use to blend and activate their contents. The brand usually recommends using products on damp skin, and there are various steps to the skincare ritual, too: after cleansing. the skin should be sprayed, then serum should be applied, with the moisturiser on top, to ensure maximum harmony with the previous products.


The range is also divided into phases. For example, phase 1 is Renewal, and involves taking dead cells off and cleaning skin; phase 2 is Rebalance, and encourages the refreshing of the complexion, and finally, Replenish is the nourishing phase of the program.

Starting with the Renewal Gentle Cleansing Lotion, made blue from the use of Blue Sapphire, Chamomile and Lavender extracts, I was instructed to ‘apply to already dampened face using small circular motions’, then to rinse it off with splashes of tepid water. I did so, and not needing my usual organic cotton pad to help me take off makeup, I’m not sure how much gunk was actually removed by the product.

The next recommended step was the Refreshing Hydrating Mist, which I didn’t really need as my skin was still quite damp, but the instruction leaflet suggested I use it before applying the Realive Serum. My skin was so wet at this point, I did have to use a towel to pat dry, and noticed no traces of makeup were left on the cloth.

The Realive Serum is a runny blue liquid that quickly dries on the skin, leaving it plump and moist. There is an Enriching moisturiser packed with gems, crystals and essential oils that follows this part of the ritual too, but it’s hardly needed, as my skin already felt hydrated and clean. Nonetheless, the citrusy scent of this product and its light hydrating qualities have made it the one I use the most, both day and evening.

AEOS can get your skin this gorgeous! Image: Louiza Vick
AEOS can get your skin this gorgeous! Image: Louiza Vick

Overall, the products were easily absorbed, and smelled like a forest on a spring day. But the best part is–they worked. Immediately. They really, really did. I know this, because everything I did to my face, I did to my left hand too, leaving the right void of products. And the left looked notably fresher, plumper and had a more even skin tone, immediately. No joke. Of course, given that I saw results after the first go, I’ve used AEOS in place of my regular products for two weeks already, and it has made a difference.

Yes, using this range according to instructions is a bit intensive, especially if you plan to be dedicated to it every single day and night. Goodness knows, I’ve not had the will to go through the whole routine every night, especially after particularly late ones. But given the real difference AEOS can make to your skin, it’s more than worth sticking with.


Chere Di Boscio

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