IS Glotox Even Better Than Botox?

By Chere Di Boscio

Doctor Gabriela Mercik didn’t start out caring much about aesthetic medicine. She spent 17 years in cardiology and internal medicine, with a speciality in heart transplants. She swiftly rose to become one of Poland’s leading cardiologists, before moving to Northern Ireland where she worked in cardiology and palliative care.

Heart surgery can be extremely stressful, and it was during her time in Northern Ireland that Dr. Mercik  became interested in aesthetic medicine. She was particularly attracted to the uplifting, positive effect it can have on a person’s self-esteem, and she began sourcing new and exciting treatments for the UK market. PDO Threads, Nanopeptide Mesotherapy and molecular water skincare were her three main areas of interest. She began developing bespoke protocols for these, and training doctors and nurses in their application.

Today, the doctor – affectionately known as Dr Gabriela by her patients – has a clinic in the prestigious 56 Harley St, London (and also continues to visit her clinic in Omagh, Northern Ireland).  She has been a much sought-after international speaker since joining the world of anti ageing medicine, and her experience as a master injector has allowed her to train many doctors and nurses worldwide in PDO Beauty Lift Threads and Dermal Fillers.

She’s a cautious doctor, who always advises clients to read up on what to expect after any kind of plastic surgery. But as an alternative to actual surgeries to alter your beauty, she has also innovated some naturally based beauty treatments. Perhaps one of the most important of these is an alternative to Botox called Glotox.

Here, Dr Gabriela tells us more about her Botox-free, anti-wrinkle invention.


Why did you develop GloTox?

Botox has long history and not a lot of complications, but many people don’t like to use it because is a toxin. To live the healthiest and most natural way, many people choose to eliminate toxins from their life. I understood there were other, healthier ways to reduce lines and wrinkles.

What is it, exactly, and how does it work?

The GloTox treatment combines micro injections of advanced mesotherapy and anti-wrinkle injections into the middle or meso-layer of the skin. The net effect is a visibly lifted, smoother, more rested-looking complexion that exudes radiance, and the results keep on improving day by day!

The active ingredients include hyaluronic acid, a natural, major component of skin that hydrates and repairs damage; 14 different vitamins that stimulate cell renewal; 24 amino-acids the promote collagen and elastin production and two antioxidants to help prevent cell damage.

After the injections, my patients apply my special Magic Serum with molecular water to hydrate their skin and to encourage blood flow.


Is it painful?

No, not at all, because we apply  an  anaesthetic cream before the injections.

How long does it last?

For first timers, 1 -4 months. After that, every subsequent treatment lasts longer.  I treated myself one  year ago, and my skin still  looks glowing and healthy.

Is there any down time?

GloTox are tiny injection but injection- we have to aware patient that can happen bruises or redness or swelling for up to 72 h.  GloTox works after 4-7 days- some of result you can see next day.


Which areas of the face are most suitable for this?

GloTox is perfect for any part of the face. I would say it’s best for those older than 30-35 years of age. I would never advise someone younger than that for a full face treatment. Instead, they could perhaps do their forehead and eye area. But as you can see (from the image above), a full face of GloTox is highly beneficial for softening wrinkles for those with mature skin.


What other alternatives to Botox would you advise to those who want to avoid it?

If you want to freeze your face, Botox is really the only option. If you want to prevent wrinkles and improve skin texture, we have few alternatives now. For example, my Magic Serum (which I personally use myself, and have been using for over 7 years) contains molecular water and micro components of hyaluronic acid, which helps support the underlying structure of the skin. There’s also nanopeptide therapy, mesotherapy, and vitamins in capsules or injections, to improve skin tone and texture. To get rid of wrinkles, I use organic fillers (particularly Profhilo). And for a long lasting, natural lift, I use PDO threads for the face and body.


For more information on where to get GloTox, please click here. All images: Dr Gabriela

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