The Green 13! Healthy Celebs to Follow on Instagram

By Neesha Gill

Bored at the gym? Can’t be bothered to cook? Let’s face it–we all need a little health inspo every now and then. But that’s pretty easy to do, thanks to technology and the huge ‘clean living’ trend, which is especially beloved amongst celebs.

From supermodels to celebrity chefs we narrow it down to 13 healthy celebs to follow on Instagram–the ‘green 13′ if you will. These celebs certainly love to take snaps of their running shoes, ‘green’ shakes and gym selfies and it’s easy to follow them on Instagram: just click on the link in their names.

After gazing at a few of these photos, we’re sure you’ll suddenly have the urge to head out for a jog (or just take a cool picture in your work-out gear and pretend you are!)

1.  Gisele Bà¼ndchen

This stunning Brazilian supermodel definitely knows how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram is full of yoga poses in exotic locations like Costa Rica, where she and her hubby Tom Brady have a home.


2.  Jessica Alba

Busy mum of two and owner of the Honest Co, Jessica Alba is also a self-proclaimed ‘amateur chef’ so expect to find photos of mouth-watering healthy food on her Instagram profile.


3.  Tyra Banks

No wonder Tyra’s slimmed down so much lately: if you click on Tyra’s Instagram be prepared to see copious photos of the green stuff…yes, that’s right – kale! She’s a huge fan of the leafy greens, but also posts lots of motivating exercise and other healthy dishes too.


4.  Karlie Kloss

The American supermodel shows her Instagram followers exactly how she stays so svelte–by using dumbbells and exercise balls and skipping ropes and Pilates – whew! Karlie Kloss appears to be a work-out pro.


5.  Millie Mackintosh

From gym selfies to making kale smoothies, Millie Mackintosh keeps herself busy when she’s not wowing everyone in the fashion world.


6.  Jamie Oliver

Everyone’s favourite celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver has definitely caught our attention with his amazing and healthy food creations.  See lots of them on his Instagram, along with occasional pics of his adorable kids too!


7.  Dr Mercola

An all-star alternative medicine proponent, Dr Joseph Mercola regularly posts motivational photos with plenty of facts about how to lead a healthy lifestyle.


8.  Christy Turlington

A huge yoga enthusiast, Christy recently started running marathons. She not only runs to keep fit, but raising money for her non-profit organisation Every Mother Counts also motivates her go the extra mile.



9.  Lucy Watson

Made in Chelsea’s Lucy Watson is also a vegetarian and an animal lover who has previously posed for PETA.  She posts photos of herself boxing in the gym and eating scrumptious looking vegetarian food.


10.  Alessandra Ambrosio

You need to stay fit and healthy if you’re going to be a Victoria’s Secret supermodel!  Alessandra Ambrosio  loves to post healthy dishes she’s prepared like simple salads. She is also a hardcore yoga enthusiast and often posts photos mid-pose, whilst looking fabulous of course.


11.  Vanessa Hudgens

From hiking with friends and working out in the gym to showing off her super-toned abs, the young starlet is a clean living model to her fans.  


12.  Emily Osment

Super flexible Emily Osment loves to showcase how well she can do complex yoga poses.  The actor, singer and former Disney star is also a fan of the great outdoors and prefers working out outside than in.


13.  Troian Bellisario

The Pretty Little Liars actress is a fan of anti-gravity yoga also known as ‘aerial yoga’ you need great composure and strength and she stays in shape by eating plenty of healthy salads and smoothies.


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