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Vogue and Dubai Mall’s Eco-Design Challenge

By Chere Di Boscio and Chiara Spagnoli

Vogue Italia  and the Dubai Mall are about to launch the best new fashion talents of the Middle East, all in the name of sustainability. Fledgeling designers and fashion students have all been invited to present their projects to a prestigious panel of judges, yet to be announced.

The prize will be international publicity for the winning brands, as well as being sold for one night of shopping at the Dubai Mall in October, in the course of an event co-sponsored by Vogue Italia.

The Editor-in-Chief of the Italian edition of Vogue, Franca Sozzani, flew to Dubai last month to scout new talent in the Gulf. “The Dubai Mall is a Fashion World. Vogue Italia is a Fashion Magazine. To make an event together means to welcome all the people who love fashion, and also to give an opportunity to young talents to show their creativity and their talent,” said Ms Sozzani. The elegant fashionista is very much dedicated to sustainable fashion, and recently helped Gucci launch its first ‘eco’ Jackie bag in Paris.

To contrast, Dubai’s ‘bling bling’ reputation has meant that it is often seen as being far from ‘green’–indeed, even basic recycling programs there are rare, and the car is king. However, the current ruler,  His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is hoping to change that with the construction of the Emirate’s first sustainable city, the launching of a large solar park, and the opening of the UAE’s first solar academy at the British University in Dubai. The city is also recently introduced water taxis and a bus system to help wean people off private car use.

This fashion event will surely point out the importance of using sustainable techniques and fabrics in garment design, but the competition has another objective too–it aims to raise funds for Dubai Cares, which is one of the  world’s most renowned children’s charities. Money raised will help the organisation put children in developing countries into primary education.  “We are really delighted to participate in such an incredible project and to underline how much The Dubai Mall and Vogue care about creativity and social opportunities,” Ms Sozzani stated.

To enter the competition and for more information, email  [email protected]

To see more on Dubai’s Haute Couture event, click here.  



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    Greetings! Love how you guys cover what the other ‘eco’ mags don’t–especially stuff from the ME.

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