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Captivatingly Cute: Kayu Clutches

By Diane Small

‘It’ bags come and go, but if there’s one style of handbag that never seems to go out of fashion, it’s got to be the clutch. And nobody does clutches better than one of our favourite vegan brands, Kayu.

The brainchild of designer Jamie Lim, Kayu is the result of a true love affair with culture, ancient art forms and all things naturally beautiful.  Kayu’s collection includes classic miniaudieres and simple totes with bold hues, graphic prints, naturally rich materials and luxe embellishments, like seashells and crystals.

Richly coloured with only the most natural of dyes, the brand’s current collection consists of distinctively textured materials created from an eclectic mix of Straw, Satin, Jute, Velvet and Tinalak. Locally sourced stones act as clasps for some of the clutches, and we especially adore the little shell shaped bags, which fit perfectly into your hand.

Each Kayu bag has been handmade ethically in Southeast Asia, using techniques that have been passed down for generations. Inspired by the vibrant textures of the region, all of their clutches come with a chain strap that can be worn over the shoulder like a delicate piece of jewellery, or tucked inside the bag, if you prefer.

With a growing awareness of the importance of eco-friendly and cruelty free textiles used in fashion, no wonder Kayu’s bags have become so popular with celebrities and fashionistas alike – not only that, but they’re increasingly available around the world, both online and in stores.

To shop the brand, just click here.

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    Jun 19, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Cute bags! Would love to see more….!

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