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7 Sustainable Spiritual Jewellery Brands

By Uma Campbell

Most of us buy jewelry pieces because they happen to be on trend, they look like the perfect investment pieces or simply because we cannot stop dreaming about the piece, but if you look closer at some of the jewelry pieces found in the market, you will realize that there is more than meets the eye.

For centuries, gemstones have served as striking symbols to commemorate special events and milestones, like birthdays and weddings. More than that, gems, and even metals, have been used to enhance protection of the person wearing the jewelry piece. The ruby for instance, is said to provide protection and energy to the body, while the diamond is said to purify your mental  state.  Gold rings are said to attract and activate divine consciousness to the body, while gold chains are said to attract energy waves.  

Today, many believe the benefits of wearing spiritual jewellery include reducing negative energy in the body, giving protection from attacks of negative energies, boosting one’s personal power and energy, and as well as spiritual healing.  

With ancient history backing up the notion of spiritual jewellery and with many swearing of the benefits that come with wearing certain  metals and gems, it’s no wonder  spiritual jewellery is so popular. Here are a few of our favourite brands to help you choose which pieces may bring the right kind of energy to your soul.

The Tulsi Project

This yoga-inspired jewellery line has pretty engraved mantras and Sanskrit phrases such as “Om Shanti” and “Namaste” on gorgeous  gold chains and rings. Founder and designer Tiffany Taylor Kenney got the idea  to start the collection during a meditation class (of course!).

“I hope to inspire in the women who wear my designs a sense of self-love, because I think that once we can begin to love and accept ourselves for who we are, we can extend that love outwards to others much more easily,”  says Kenney.

While you’re gifting that message, you’re also giving to charities, including the  ASPCA and  Feeding America. Kenney donates 50 percent of net profits.

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Kirsten Muenster

Finding beauty in the unexpected, Kirsten Muenster incorporates spectacular fossils as well as healing crystals in her work. In some cases, they are hundreds of millions of years old. Set in eco friendly, recycled sterling silver, these rich, earthy stones are from materials including fossilized fern, botswana agate, pink tourmaline, quartz with inclusions and fossilized coral.



Shamballa Jewels

Shamballa’s bracelets have become favourites with jetsetters and A-listers alike. This white and black diamond bracelet  is one example of their many striking spiritual pieces that make a statement and have a powerful message. The philosophy behind Shamballa jewels is to encourage people to find their inner Shamballa — the latter of which is a “mythical kingdom that all Tibetan Buddhists believe in.” It is said to be a symbol of peace, enlightenment and perfection.maxresdefaultintro_web_march2015_3

Anna Loucah

What has meaning for you? Is it a lucky number? Throughout history and across the globe, jewellery has been worn for its amuletic properties. A fascination with the power and tradition of jewellery has always been at the heart of Anna’s work and in recognition of this she is endeavouring to create a collection exploring those symbols most personal to us all. Placing ethical provenance at the heart of what she does, Anna is proud to be one of the UK’s first Fairtrade gold license holders and as such has seen her bespoke, ethically sourced pieces on the Hollywood Red Carpet as well as receiving numerous jewellery industry accolades and awards.

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Me&Ro Jewelry

Using recycled, vintage and ethically sourced materials, as well as purchasing diamonds that are conflict free, the spiritual jewellery at Me&Ro are showing stopping pieces that have a strong message behind the design. For example, their Tibetan Mirror pendant is inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead where Yama, the Lord of death, holds a mirror of karma in which all of a person’s deeds are reflected in it.  But they also have a wide range of yoga, Christian and memento mori themed jewellery.

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Totem Adornments Sacred Seeds

Using Sacred Seeds necklaces, individual pieces made quite literally of sacred seeds such as Lotus, Rudracksha, Bodhi and Tulsi, we hope to challenge people’s perception about what is precious as well as enlightening people about the precarious situation surrounding this valuable commodity.

Each Sacred Seed necklace, tagged with a recycled silver ‘T’ hallmarked here in London, is presented in a handmade Lotka box within an organic cotton drawstring bag. Enclosed is a history of the seed used in that particular necklace and a wild flower seed paper allowing the recipient to grown their own small meadow as a lasting memento. Our seeds are sourced from a locally owned, sustainable, organic plantation in Bali.



Buddha Mama  

Buddha Mama is a handmade jewelry line inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. This mother and daughter created brand also employs  close friends and family help run the company in a way that seems more like a family gathering than anything else. In addition to creating highly spiritually themed jewellery, Buddha Mama still donates to Zen Village and Kristi House, a non-profit center that provides the needs of child victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.






Chere Di Boscio

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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