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The Best Eco Friendly Swimwear For Any Beach Holiday

By Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

‘Eco friendly swimwear’ used to be something of an oxymoron. As most bikinis and swimsuits are made from nylon, elastic and/or polyester, it seemed the only eco options were saggy-bottomed crocheted numbers. But no more. Today, there are loads of stylish, sexy brands using eco-friendly fibres and recycled textiles to bring sleek, sexy swimsuits for every body type.

From the teeniest, weeniest bikinis to outfits that are a bit more modest, we’ve selected what we think are the best swimwear options for any beach holiday, anywhere.

1. EcoGypsy 

This Bali-based brand offers a retro 70’s vibe with its handmade crochet styles. All workers receive a fair wage and great working conditions, and no chemically treated materials are used in the creation of these intricately crafted pieces. To compliment these ‘wild woman’ styles, EcoGypsy also makes these fabulous ankle cuffs from objects found on the beaches of Bali. Gwyneth Paltrow and all the Victoria’s Angels are already huge fans!

Cinta-300x300 Moyo--300x300 Archipelago-in-Night-01-300x300 Black-Coral-One-Piece7-300x300

Talitha-Tassell-Cream-01-300x300 Bali-Shell-Bikini-with-Brazilian-Bottom-in-Black-01-300x300

2. Koru Swimwear

When two friends decided to make swimwear from rubbish including discarded fishing line, carpet fluff and plastic bottles, a beautiful idea was born: Koru Swimwear. Given the essential role upcycling plays in the business, it’s rather appropriate that the word Koru means “new growth, strength and peace” in Maori. The brand also uses only bulk dyed fabric processed without water waste or pollution, ensuring the oceans are kept as pristine as possible.

6493c424-f314-4dd1-af67-cbbf5129df33_630_420 koru-346x415 tangi_fig__35227.1429668985.400.559 760ee5e0b1a045429175aae729dd4f98

3. Aqua Green Eco Swim

According to their website, Aqua Green’s mission is to demonstrate leadership in style whilst providing fashionable, excellent quality and planet friendly products for the conscious consumer. There can be little doubt that this mission has been fully accomplished, as evidenced by the Eco Swim sustainable-minded swimwear collection. All items are made in America, from recycled nylons and other ecofriendly materials and technologies.

eco-friendly-swimsuits-eco-swim-1 EcoSwim4 Eco_Chic_Swimwear160713332

4. Emobi Swimwear

What do you get when an Aussie studies at Central Saint Martins? The answer: Emobi, a fresh, fashion-forward swimwear brand created by Jess Salter. Salter’s debut collection was chosen amongst the “Top Swimwear Brands” by WGSN, the world’s largest analyser of consumer, fashion and design trends. All swimwear is made in Sydney, using a range of environmentally friendly, water-based dyes that minimise their impact on beaches and waterways, combined with premium breathable UV protected fabric.

Emobi---bandeau-ring-set-in-Flowers-Blue-print Emobi---bandeau-tie-bikini-set-in-retro-purple Emobi---frill-swimsuit-in-love-heart-print Emobi---bow-bandeau-in-flowers-yellow

5. Aguaclara

Aguaclara is the result of a sibling venture. Peruvian sibs Jorge and Liliana Villalobos initially conceived the business as a small small manufacturing workshop, creating custom-made pieces from sustainable fabrics. But after almost 20 years, it’s turned out to be one of the world’s leading brands of eco-swimwear, due to its unique fabrics, flattering cuts and interesting embellishments.

playaparaiso04 Aguaclara-Swimwear-2013-06

aguaclara-2013-are38-are14 agua_clara_swimwear_10 AguaClara-Swimwear-2013-25 Diana Morales - Aguaclara Swimwear 2012-14

6. La Isla Swimwear

Latinas know from sexy swimwear, and La Isla is just that–an eco-friendly brand that’s all about sunshine, sexiness and sustainability. This Colombian made swimwear is so sexy, in fact, it was just featured in the famous Sports Illustrated sportswear issue. Each piece is produced ethically through fair trade standards, and La Isla supports many environmental and social charitable organisations such as Children of the Americas and Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society.

30-TuxedoBFront-350x525 31-TieDyeLunaFront2-350x525 Slideshow5-web Slideshow23 Slideshow4-web

7. Vitamin A Swimwear

Vitamin A produces swimwear that can best be described as the water-ready equivalent of Audrey Hepburn’s classic Little Black Dress. In fact, the brand has created what it calls the “Little Black Bikini”. This is no ordinary swimsuit: its seams lie flat against the skin, avoiding unsightly bulges and ‘elastic tattoos.’ This fabulous eco-glam item is made out of an innovative superfine matte jersey made with recycled nylon fibres, making every holiday even better than a Roman Holiday!


Or-Grossman-in-Vitamin-A-Gold-Swimwear-SpringSummer-2013-7 leticia-zuloaga-vitamin-swimwear-bikini-620670644 Sleek-Cayenne-by-Vitamin-A-Post-2-Five-Designer-Swimwear-Brands-To-Know-Right-Now vitaminA1

8. Odina

Odina brand evokes the beauty of the mythological creature Ondine (or Undine), Ovid’s gorgeous water nymph in the Metamorphoses. Made in America from reclaimed fabrics, such as recycled nylon, the brand also uses organic cotton for its bikini bottom linings.  Although divinely inspired the label wants to be accessible to all, so it works with surfers instead of models on its ad campaigns, and also asks them for feedback on fit and function. The consensus? This is swimwear that’s perfect for the active mermaid.

t440_880f75d91859bfa7f9ac5d4f4f262386 t440_5df5a01a4af03eba42fdc6d4f3bf5368 t440_b8bf35b2c427e863d1659c2f61879827 t440_6aaab5f0a5159137896cc89f29149e29

9. Summerlove Swimwear

Summerlove is a brand that was born in and inspired by the easygoing beach culture of  California. Designer Vanessa Rivers is adamant about spreading awareness of environmental issues, and uses VITA, a sustainable techno-fabric made with eco-nylon, to produce her collections. This 100% regenerated polyamide fibre is made from pre- and post-consumer materials such as fishing nets, carpet floss, and other waste diverted from landfills–but the sexy, side-tied styles they result in are far from rubbish! In fact, so flattering are SL’s styles, they use their customers as their models. Don’t believe us? Check out each model, below: they’re real people like you and me…but maybe a bit curvier. And with better swimwear!

IX8A9224_1024x1024 SL_Babe_1024x1024


Model: Sydney Adler

@Mish_ArynRosee |

Model: Mish_ArynRosee

SL BABE @MissSophieDickens

Model: @MissSophieDickens


Model: Anisha Koepenick

10. Yan Love Experience

These soft, hemp bikinis are meant the free spirit who’s a bit of a hippy chick. They’re perfect for dozing in the sun, splashing in the waves and walking outside, surrounded by nature.  Designer-in-Chief Jane Ellerington conceived her brand with the goal of merging her passion for creating clothing and conscious living. Her collections all use low impact dyes and natural fabrics and are targeted for those wandering souls who love the seaside and wish to pay tribute to it with sustainable living. Unlike plastic or petrol based fabrics, Yan Love Experience’s garments won’t hurt your health in any way. Want one of these babies? Head to @theyanloveexperience on Insta and order away!



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