10 Great Organic Beauty Products For Pregnancy

Hey mamas! Pamper yourselves with these organic beauty products for pregnancy before your wee one arrives! By Lora O’Brien Despite the fact that the cosmetics industry is barely regulated at all, many women often don’t consider which chemicals may be lurking in their cosmetics until they become pregnant. Sure, we all know we should avoid Botox and hair dye when we’re expecting, but the fact is that many mainstream skincare and makeup brands are full of harmful ingredients that can enter your bloodstream and cause illness ranging from skin conditions, kidney and liver disease to cancer. And that’s just for you. Who knows what they could do to ‘you junior’? Obviously, any  soon-to-be mom would surely rather be ‘better safe than sorry’ when it comes to choosing cosmetic products to use during her special 9 months. For help here, we asked expert Alicia Dell’Anna for her suggestions on products that she knows to be 100% safe for women – and their bumps. Since 2013, Alicia has been providing concierge services to expectant mothers and young families across the globe. “During pregnancy, women become far more conscious of the ingredients in their beauty products,” she says. “But it’s hard for them … Continue reading 10 Great Organic Beauty Products For Pregnancy