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Oprah Goes Vegan! Here’s What Happened…

By Lottie Newman

Oprah Winfrey has tried all kinds of diets, but she has challenged her entire staff (which is huge!) to go vegan for one week–no meat, no cheese, eggs, milk–NO animal products. She interviewed key vegan chefs and nutritionists before going ahead.

In this full Oprah episode, she also visits a slaughterhouse, talks about tasty meat substitutes and goes shopping at Whole Foods.

The episode ended with one of the most notorious lawsuits to hit a celebrity: the cattle industry sued Oprah (and lost!) for simply stating that she would never eat another hamburger again. But the fact that they even battled it out with America’s richest woman for simply making a personal statement says a lot about the pressures media and retailers face to promote animal based products.

It’s up to us to say no! and embrace a cruelty free lifestyle as much as possible. There’s much to learn from this episode of Oprah–well worth a watch!

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