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How Sunscreen Can Save Your Skin!

By Lottie Newman

We’ve written before here in Eluxe about the dangers of sunscreen. While it’s a great idea to protect your skin from the sun’s beams, you should be aware that¬†there are some nasty chemicals in some brands, and some brands even use nanoparticles, whose long term effects on the body are as yet unknown. But it’s clear from this short video that if you don’t use a sunblock, you’re damaging your skin. Think you’re immune? You may be surprised–even young people have already done damage, and not from sunbathing necessarily: just walking around on a sunny day damages your skin unless you protect it.

After watching this shocking video, if you haven’t yet, you will soon be motivated to slather on the block. Again, just make sure you get a natural one, like these.

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