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The Grotto 3, Starring Santa, Rapanui and Janet Devlin

Forget Christmas panto–we have an even better Christmas treat!

Former X-Factor Finalist Janet Devlin features in Eco Fashion Brand Β Rapanui‘s Christmas Film β€˜The Grotto’ a mockumentary with an accompanying charity single.

If you love the Office, you’ll love ‘The Grotto’, which riffs on the smash hit series and shows Santa’s helpers working in a very British environment. Shown in three parts, the crazy plot goes something like this: one year after his chart-busting charity single, Santa’s ego has gotten out of control. Rudolph approaches Janet Devlin off the X-Factor to ask how she copes with the fame, but her wise words cannot prevent the board’s hunger for profit. The wheels are set in motion for an epic finale as Santa is forced to choose between fame and fortune at the expense of those who trust him the most, or doing what is right.

Sit back, relax with a cup of eggnog, and enjoy. And if you’re inspired by the wardrobe donned by Ms Devlin, pay a visit to Rapanui by clicking here.

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