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Beauty: When Classical Painting Comes to Life


By Lottie Newman

Following on the heels of Haute Couture week in Paris recently, we found a video that matches the wonder of what we saw on the runways.

Like many couture designers such as Valentino and Rami al Ali, director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has been inspired by classical painting–something that seems somewhat neglected in today’s media-obsessed world. Luckily, Tagliafierro has developed an ingenious method of combining the old and the new to produce a film called “Beauty,” a magical world where gods and monsters, heaven and hell, truly come to life.

The result is something that sparks something deep in the subconscious; it seems that many of us have already imagined these images after browsing the galleries of the world’s art capitals. See for yourself if this video doesn’t somehow provoke a sense of dreamy deja-vu…


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