Paris: We Love Green

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By Franziska Furst

It’s the most visited city in the world, but Paris is not usually reputed to be as eco-friendly as other cities found in its European neighbours, Sweden, Austria or Germany. For one weekend in the autumn, though, in the natural setting of the Parc de Bagatelle, ecological commitment becomes paramount in the City of Light.


We Love Green is a musical and lifestyle event where  eco responsibility is expressed through musical concerts, art exhibition, and in keeping with the French tradition and love of philosophy, debates.


Supported by the Mayor of Paris, Paris d’Eau and the Go Group, the event is held from September 14-16, and aims to emphasise the necessity of using sustainable energy and refusing to participate in ultra-consumerist behaviour.


We Love Green promises to have something for everyone, young or old, native or tourist, male or female. From James Blake’s mellow piano solos or the modern beats of the Klaxons, there is a wide variety of music on offer, and if you’d like to do something quieter, you could always stroll around the park whilst viewing the works of emerging artists or munching delicious organic food only the French could conjure up.


If you are planning to visit the French capital this fall, you probably already have a loaded itinerary, but we would highly recommend adding We Love Green to it–you’re guaranteed to see an eco-loving side of the French rarely on display the rest of the year!

For more information and event schedules, please click here.

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