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Magical, Mystical Mexico: Uno AstroLodge

By Yohan Powell

Going to Tulum is always an inspiring adventure, infused with mystery and culture. After all, apart from the white powdered sand beaches and crystalline turquoise waters, Tulum has long been considered a sacred place, deeply rooted to the Mayan culture.

I’ve been told the place has a magnetic, spiritual energy, and nowhere can this be better experienced than at Uno Astrolodge.

A Special Place

Uno is a very special place. The first time you step into this oasis of calm, a feeling of harmony uplifts your spirit, as if all your mundane, nagging problems had evaporated at the gate.  A peaceful and embracing community that lives there year-round runs the place and welcomes you to join them in their daily activities. Everyone is kind and helpful if you need anything, but is very respectful of your privacy and will let you alone, should you prefer it.


Certainly, this place is not for everybody: if you’re looking for a full service resort experience with all modern comforts, or place to drink fruity cocktails and party, there’s really no need to venture into this oasis. But for the more bohemian readers looking for an elegant but low-key and transcendent gateway, this is it.


Uno has only 6 charming, electricity-free wooden palapas with private semi-outdoor showers and compost toilets. There’s no AC, but the constant stream of wind from the Caribbean sea blowing through the tasteful white mosquito canopy around your bed is enough; at night, there is no electricity but the stars, the moon and a candle kindly lit in your room at sunset.


If sunrise does not wake you up, a gentle sound of harp or chanting meditation may. The organic breakfast served from 8-9:30am is exquisite, and so is the vegetarian lunch selection served until 4pm. Both include fresh-squeezed juices, organic bread and coffee and locally grown produce fashioned into simple meals.


Should you crave something heartier, thanks to its very good location next to other more touristy lodges, a great many other dining opportunities are a short walk away. I’d highly recommend the Italian cuisine at Posada Margarita or the fresh fare at Hartwood.

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Besides swimming in the crystalline sea or soaking up some sun, various activities are available during the day, such as various levels and kinds of yoga and to meditation classes. I would recommend in particular the classes led on Thursday afternoon by Bobby Klein. Far more than a mere yoga class, the lessons learned sessions could probably be the subject of a separate article.


On the night the new moon, Uno offers a very special experience to its guests–an ancient Mesoamerican curative ritual called Temazcal. This ceremony takes place in a sweatlodge under the supervision of a Shaman to purify and clean your mind, body and spirit. Although it can be very intense for some, Temazcal is enormously fulfilling, making an indelible impression on all those who go through it.

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Good health, being in touch with nature, the universe and your body’s natural rhythms…the best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, but can only be felt with the heart. Uno Astrolodge allows you to shut out the sensory overload of the urban jungle and opens your soul to all that’s truly important.

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.



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