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A Jewel in England’s Crown: The Scarlet

By Tim Starley-Grainger

The Scarlet is a five star hotel, sitting above a pretty beach on a spectacular cliff amidst the natural beauty of the north Cornish coast. The hotel also sits head and shoulders above most other hotels for the level of thought that has gone into achieving their green credentials.


Completed in 2009, The Scarlet strives to minimise impacts on the environment. The result is a hotel that has taken sustainable construction to new heights in the UK.

From the earliest stages of its creation, this hotel has made strides to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible, carefully relocating reptiles from the site before digging even began. The building is incredibly energy efficient, incorporating renewable energy sources, a green roof, abundant insulation and many other energy-saving features. The Scarlet team also practice what they preach and are fully trained up in sustainability and ethical issues: want to know which kind of energy fuels the hotel? Where their grey water goes? Which natural areas nearby are of interest? Ask them anything.


Gourmands will love the hotel’s renowned restaurant, which offers a good selection of vegetarian and vegan meals, and uses a high proportion of local and organic ingredients. The menu features mainly robust, modern English fare, such as smoked salmon with balsamic vinegar and lamb with honeyed carrots, and the hotel is accredited by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

To work off a few of the calories accumulated over long, delicious meals, make sure to bring your swimsuit. Even if you’re not brave enough for the outdoor natural-water pool, you’ll want to go for a swim in the eco-heated indoor one, and make sure to book in for a free session in the wood-fired, cliff-top hot tub. The spa is also one of the greenest in Britain, with the two chlorine-free pools: the indoor pool is purified with bromine and heated using solar thermal panels, and the cold-water outdoor pool is naturally filtered by reeds.

There are myriad treatments to choose from in the spa, from Ayurveda based massages and facial treatments to day-long spa ‘journeys’, involving meditation, individual consultations, and deep relaxation, whilst cocooned in a hammock-like relaxation pod.


At night, you’ll simply want to relax in the hotel. Even indoors, you’ll soak up the views via the floor-to-ceiling windows that abound in this eco hotel. Pad around on the wood floors in your room, flop by the fire on one of the vibrantly coloured sofas in the lobby, or wallow in your room’s huge bath or walk-in shower. Read a book in the library, soak up sun on the terrace or play a game of snooker in the games room.

But above all, just enjoy the stunning scenery of one of the most gorgeous coastlines in all of England, and know the Scarlet has done all in its power to protect it.

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