25 Healthier Vegan Junk Food Recipes

Feel zero guilt about your junk food habit with these healthier vegan junk food recipes By Lora O’Brien Ask anyone what their favourite food is, and chances are they’ll answer with a junk food: ice cream, chocolate, burgers, cookies…you get the idea. And no wonder: those foods have all the stuff our brain adores (and can even get addicted to), like sugar and salt, and the combinations of textures in junk food – think creamy, crunchy or sticky – are downright irresistible. But there are consequences to eating junk food- today, more than half of American adults are considered overweight, with around 25% of the adult population defined as clinically obese. Among children, obesity rates are off the charts, making experts in countries from America to Argentina claim obesity is becoming a “national epidemic.” The main culprits are junk food manufacturers, who hook us in mainly with sugar, but also with flavour enhancers like MSG, artificial flavours and cheap prices. But the other guilty parties in the obesity epidemic? US. That’s right. Ultimately, it’s up to us to eat better. And that’s why I’ve found 30 popular, healthier vegan junk food recipes that are way healthier than the corporate stuff … Continue reading 25 Healthier Vegan Junk Food Recipes