Exclusive Interview + Recipes from Blender Babes

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These recipes from Blender Babes are easy, tasty, and above all, healthy!

By Lora O’Brien

The growth of smoothies is HUGE. I think it’s fair to say they’re somewhat a phenomenon in their own right these days. For years they were something that we  associated as that horrid,  gloopy liquid that we’d buy in a rush from our local supermarket thinking they were ‘healthy’. Wrong. Not only were they packed with secret hidden sugars, they were just downright disgusting.

Today’s smoothies are packed with lots of green goodness, superfood powders and lots of gorgeous fruit and veg – there’s no questioning their health benefits. But that being said, sometimes we’re not too sure what to throw together, not wanting to get into that rut of drinking the same thing every day.

So who better to talk to than the expert  herself, TaraShaun of Blender Babes?

TaraShaun’s site isn’t just about smoothies though – she’s an expert in any kind of healthy vegetarian and vegan foods that can be made with a blender (like a Ninja), be they soups, dips, desserts, and yep – smoothies!

In this exclusive interview, she shares her kitchen disasters, favourite recipes, and tells us what prompted her journey to healthy eating.

Tarashaun Headshot 1000w

When and why did you first start eating healthily?

In 2008 I began my journey of healing from a decade long eating disorder. As I healed and cleansed on a spiritual level, I also began to study and research the healthiest ways to eat.

What would you say is your go-to smoothie recipe?

My Purple Love Acai Cancer Fighting Smoothie. I LOVE using acai for smoothies and smoothie bowls because it’s delicious  as well as super high in antioxidants. This recipe combines it with red cabbage, which is one of the top cancer preventing cruciferous vegetable, but you can’t even taste it! Plus it’s a beautiful colour so it’s the perfect recipe to share with kids or those new to a green smoothie lifestyle.

What would be the first step you’d recommend someone takes to try to get healthier?

My first recommendation is always to start drinking 1 green smoothie per day, either as a meal replacement or a snack. For delicious recipes with weekly shopping lists, you can try our free 21 Day Green Smoothie Challenge. It’s the fastest and easiest way to add 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables to your daily diet. “Side effects” include weight loss, more energy, clearer skin, lowered cholesterol, and more.

Any guilty pleasures?

Of course! What would life be without guilty pleasures? My guilty pleasure is a heaping bowl of pasta (any kind, I don’t discriminate!) with a nice glass of Pinot Noir.

What’s your very worst kitchen disaster?

Well, my worst has actually happened more than once! When I’m testing recipes and blenders, and the lid flies off unexpectedly! I’ve cleaned the walls and ceilings of green smoothies and soups a few times.

Do you have any kitchen rituals?

Yes, and it’s also part of my morning ritual. I have a kitchen shelf dedicated to superfoods, protein mixes and other amazing supplements. Every morning when I wake up I have a glass of warm water with lemon, and then I make a smoothie or drink and add at least one scoop from this shelf. It’s how I make sure I give my body a variety of nutrients. Plus I’m always  testing the latest and greatest products to share with our blending community!

Three foods you absolutely cannot live without?

E3Live Fresh Frozen Blue Green Algae, Chocolate, and Bananas – which is funny because for most of my life I HATED bananas! After I started using them in my green smoothies and healthy ice creams, I now can’t imagine live without them!

What inspires you the most?

The community I have built through Blender Babes inspires me the most. The improvements in people’s health by owning a power blender can be life changing! When they share their experiences with me, it validates all the hard work and inspires me to continue to find ways to better serve them.

What are your typical meals for:

Lunch:  Usually a HUGE salad.

Dinner:  Dinner is when I splurge on a bigger meal. Sometimes salmon with veggies such as my favorite cauliflower mash. Otherwise I’m usually testing a new vegetarian or vegan recipe.

Snacks:  I love Kind Nuts & Spices Bars. They’re high in fiber, low in sugars and a good source of protein – perfect when I’m on the go with zero time to even prepare a smoothie!

Any inspiration quotes or mantras you like to live by?

During meditation I use a better known Sanskrit mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum”. It’s helpful in quieting the mind and taking the focus off of thought – which is soooo hard! It’s a forever practice that I continue to work on, not sure if I’ll ever master but I’ll keep trying!

Lastly, what’s next for Blender Babes?

We’re working on some eCourses to teach people how to make the most of their power blenders, seasonal menus, and guided cleanses.

Our Top Recipes from Blender Babes

Start blending your way to health with this selection of breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert recipes. Most of these are vegan, with the exception of numbers 5 and 10.

1. Summer Rolls with Mango, Lime and Mint Sauce

This summer roll recipe is a different take on vegetarian sushi, and is a great dish to make for parties or lunches. We must admit: these  look impressive: brightly coloured, finger-food sized and they are packed with nutritious veggies.

Get the recipe here.

Summer Rolls recipe

2. Chocolate Caramel Pie

This dense and delicious pie just melts in your mouth! It offers two layers of decadence, and can also be modified to be 100% gluten free, too.

Get the recipe here.

Recipes from Blender Babes

3. Raw Vegan Vegetable Abundance Soup

Soups may soon replace smoothies as the ‘it’ food for health. And no wonder: this one has over half a dozen veggies in it! Of course, feel free to substitute whatever vegetables make you happy.

Get the recipe here.

Recipes from Blender Babes

4. Copycat Jamba Juice

Made healthier than the original version and vegan, this recipe is perfect for those that are looking for dairy-free smoothies without all the extra sugar that many jamba juice and other smoothie shop recipes have.

Get the recipe here.

jamba juice recipe

5. Hot Artichoke Dip

Do you fear  you’re not getting enough calcium? This hot and healthy artichoke dip is full of it! And tastes amazing with homemade crackers, tortilla chips or crudites.

Get the recipe here.

spinach artichoke dip recipe

6. Low Cal Enchiladas

Yes, you read that right: this recipe is for low calorie enchiladas! With only around 250 calories per serving, this vegan dish is a must for anyone with a fetish for Mexican food.

Get the recipe here.


7. Acai Raspberry Smoothie

This recipe is layered with vitamins, fibre and anti-oxidants, and makes for a perfect snack, breakfast or post-workout drink.

Get the recipe here.

Acai Raspberry Smoothie recipe

8. Vegan Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

These are so pretty and look so elaborate, they’re perfect for a dinner party. Packed with protein and high in zinc, they’re also super-healthy, of course!

Get the recipe here.

Recipes from Blender Babes

9. Chipotle Sweet Potato Soup

Thick and creamy (without the cream, of course), this hearty soup is a meal in itself. It’s got loads of spices that make this dish burst with flavour.

Get the recipe here.


10. Sweet Potato Brownies

By now, this is a healthy classic. They’re moist and no one would ever guess they’re based on sweet potatoes! Not got Stevia on hand? 6T of honey will do (we know – we tried it!)

Get the recipe here.


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