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10 Super Easy Vegan Truffle Recipes

By Esme Bourne

I have to confess: I’m not  the food writer for Eluxe, and frankly, cooking is pretty low on my list of priorities. So it was a great opportunity for me when my editor sent me to experience a culinary workshop by The Mindful Kitchen  at London’s chic Ace Hotel in Shoreditch.

The intention of their courses is to teach attendees about the sustainability of food, about zero waste and how to unlock our senses to truly appreciate what we eat – I guess, this mindset is the ‘mindful’ part. Specifically, the session in which I took part was aimed at identifying specific aphrodisiac foods through the  five senses.

The evening began with me and the other women in the course sipping on honey-fermented alcohol, a drink derived from 800 BC. I learned this drink is where the term ‘honeymoon’ comes from, as couples would indulge in the beverage  to take advantage of the drink’s powerful aphrodisiac properties.

After our refreshments,  little piles of different spices and powders were placed in front of us, and throughout the evening we had to distinguish between each one through smell, taste, texture and sight. It was tough at first, but after attuning ourselves to the experience, it became a bit easier to listen to the responses of our senses.

As the evening progressed, we then delved into what was, for me at least, the best part of the session: truffle making! With my mind full of new, educational information about the origins of different foods, the effects on the body of different spices, where they come from and how they are grown, we were given a bowl of truffle mixture (with vegan options available) which we rolled up into truffle shaped balls.

This part was very easy, messy, sensual and fun; with chocolate-coated hands, we could then roll our creations over a mixture of toppings such as yoghurt or liquorice powder. Delicious! We were then sent home with little goodie bags of our homemade delights to share with those at home.

It was a short session, but I felt like I learned a lot – particularly, I gained an appreciation of food. It’s much more than sustenance; food is, like us, a part of this Earth, and we have an interdependent relationship with it. It’s in our best interests – and the planet’s – that we don’t waste it, and use it mindfully.

If you cannot attend the Mindful Kitchen workshops, no worries: they also offer online cooking courses (yes, really) such as How To Eat Your Values, How To Eat Less Meat, and How To Relate To Nature: all of which will not only teach you to cook, but will also instill an appreciation of the Earth’s bounty and the interconnection between  food and our bodies.

Whilst there’s no truffle cooking course (as yet!) you can replicate the experience I had with the Mindful Kitchen by rolling up your sleeves and making these 10 Easy Vegan Truffle Recipes at home.

1. Guilt Free Vegan Truffles

For a creamy and rich traditional vegan truffle, try out these cashew nuts and agave nectar truffles that will make your mouth water. Try out the recipe here.

2. Two Ingredient Truffles

By using sweet, soft fruit (namely dates), these raw vegan truffles end up being rich and silky, making them the perfect dessert treat. I love these with a steaming cup of coffee.

Try out the recipe here

3. Chickpea Truffles

The wonders of vegan cooking  never cease! These truffles look decadent, but are actually packed with a highly unusual ingredient that gives them their creamy texture.

Try out the recipe here.


4. Walnut Truffles

Using walnuts and cinnamon, these nutty and warming truffles are easy to make while still tasting delicious. I love the nice crunch the walnuts bring – it’s a great contrast to the creamy chocolate.

Try out the recipe here

5. Raspberry Truffles

Love the tang of sweet forest fruits mixed with chocolate? This recipe’s for you! It’s a little more exotic than a normal chocolate, and the deep luscious red makes it the perfect little gift. Best of all? These contain no refined sugar!

Try out the recipe here

6. Funky Avo Truffles

For something that looks really pretty on a plate at parties or events, try out these funky avocado truffles. Easier to make than you’d think.

Try out the recipe here

7. Superfood Truffles

These truffles are full of tasty super foods such as dates, cranberries and chia seeds. Which, of course, means that this treat is far from naughty!

Try out the recipe here.

8. Pumpkin Pie Truffles

Not just for Hallowe’en! These pumpkin pie chocolate chip truffles are just as delicious as they sound, no matter what the time of year.

Try out the recipe here

9. Coconut Cookie Dough Truffles

These tasty truffles will be hard to share! A bit different from the usual recipe, for those who aren’t such huge fans of chocolate (do those people exist?)

Try out the recipe here

10. Raw Vegan  Truffles

These rich, creamy  truffles will be hard to share! This classic recipe allows you the choice to embellish your truffles in anyway you fancy; for example, with ground hazelnuts or chocolate sprinkles.

Try out the recipe here.

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