Why Jamie Oliver Wants A Food Revolution

By Arwa Lodhi

He’s been a tireless campaigner for children’s health for ages, and now Jamie Oliver is calling for a full on Food Revolution. But what does that mean, in real, practical terms?

Not long ago, recipes were passed down through the generations. In some cultures–think Italy, Spain, Lebanon–this is still very much a part of the culture, and kids learn to cook by watching their relatives prepare meals. The often even participate! But in the West and other globalised countries, fast food has taken over, and many kids grow up eating pre-packed, microwavable food, and if they ever learn to cook, it involves baking junk food. No wonder there’s an obesity crisis in the West!



Given that most parents today are either too busy to cook or actually don’t even know how to,  Oliver’s global campaign focuses on putting  compulsory food education on the school curriculum. It’s a brilliant idea: so many of us are unaware of what to eat for good health. Sure, we know we need to eat more fruit and veg, but that’s not a very appealing idea when you can’t imagine ways of making greens tasty–even the most devout vegetarian would admit that a green salad and a side of raw broccoli are pretty boring, especially when faced with pre-packaged options like broccoli au gratin or a supermarket salad laced liberally with mayo, pasta, chicken, croutons and other unhealthy additions.


Oliver wants to teach kids how to cook, what to cook, and how they can take better care not only of their own bodies, but those of their own children, when they have them. The best way to do this, he argues, is to force governments to teach not only  history, maths and English,  but cooking and nutrition too. He has his own Food Revolution TV show and has launched Food Revolution Day to take place every May 15th, but even beyond that date, you can  help him meet his goal by sending out any food related tweets with the hashtag  #FoodRevolutionDay, and signing his petition, here.

As for Eluxe, we’ve decided to do our part by adding a food section to our Magazine, which will share the very best raw and vegan recipes, as well as stressing important foods for nourishing your body. To all our good health!


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