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By Chere Di Boscio

Ever wonder what top models really eat in a day to stay as slim as they are? I asked  Daniela Christiansson to tell us candidly what she really eats.  I mean, we’ve all seen those pics of models on Instagram about to tuck into a gigantic burger or greasy pizza, and we just know it’s all staged, right?

You won’t see Daniela doing stuff like that. This refreshingly honest top model is not only a host on    Fashion Channel TV, but she also runs the ethical fashion Instagram account@thegreenfashionista, the  GreenModelMe  blog (formerly Conscious-Ness), and is the co-founder of  Green Fashion Week.  Most recently, she’s appeared with Cara Delevigne in YSL’s Baby Doll mascara ads.

Clearly, blonde haired, blue eyed Daniela is much more than a pretty face. She speaks 6 languages fluently and studies business administration, which have brought her to work on several environmental projects with the  UNFCCC  (Climate Neutral Now), and  Ferrero. She also supports the  Fashion Revolution’s “Who Made My Clothes”  campaign and is an Ambassador to the Allcot Group’s  Brazilian Rosewood Conservation project.

With her good looks and prestigious work, it’s no wonder that along with her partner, the Argentinian football player Maxi Lopez, Daniela is often found in the pages of society magazines like Hola and Gente. The media darling and strong social media influencer is a keen promoter of smaller labels too – particularly organic cosmetics, eco-tourism and ethical fashion brands – with the aim of influencing as many people as possible into following a more sustainable lifestyle.

What are some of the foods you grew up with, and how did your childhood shape your attitudes about food?  

I grew up with a   very healthy lifestyle and good eating habits thanks to my parent’s influence. They’re really sporty and love eating healthy food. As a child, they never gave me croissants and chemical orang juices for breakfast; instead it was a lot of organic muesli with milk and fresh fruit. Of course, we had some cookies and snacks; they never forbade us to  eat  what  we wanted, but they taught us to have  a  healthy lifestyle most of the time.

They made us try a lot of the sports and physical activities, and by seeing them doing sports every week, we were raised to believe this is a normal part of life. Likewise, they managed to create and maintain a  beautiful family spirit that we love all to come home to. My parents are always there for us if we need them, and their approach to health had a big influence on me.

What’s for breakfast every day?

Before I eat anything, the first thing I do when I wake up is to drink a large glass of water. I believe it’s important to do an internal body cleanse as a first step in the morning, to wake up the cells and hydrate the body. Then I drink hot water with the juice of half a lemon, 30 minutes before eating breakfast.  There are so many health benefits for doing this.

Later, I’ll have a bit of yogurt with oats and dried fruits and  a  green tea or wholemeal bread toasted with avocado or jam on top and green tea. Sometimes  I do some scrambled egg whites, or if I’m not so hungry, a handful of nuts with green tea.


What’s your typical lunch?

Big, fancy salads, water and I love ending it all with  a  coffee.

Tell us a bit about your typical dinners at home

If  I  am alone,  I  love to do  a  quick omelette with veggies. Otherwise, I may just each a  piece of meat with grilled or cooked veggies. I also love roasting veggies in the oven. I’ll often cook some healthy grains like quinoa, couscous or rice for Maxi, but I generally avoid carbs. We always have fresh water at home, and sometimes we dip into the cookie jar or have a chunk of chocolate.

Modelling can also mean a lot of social events. What do you order when out  in  restaurants?

Fish or seafood and veggies with  a  glass of wine, if  I  don’t find any of their specialties interesting. It really depends. At events, I might have a glass of white wine or champagne.

You have to be out and about a lot for work and for Fashion Weeks. What do you  eat  when travelling?

Some of those healthy bowls that are often  a  mix of beans, veggies and rice. Water and  a  coffee or green tea to go.  I  always have water and some fruit to snack on. Sometimes, I may treat myself to a small piece of chocolate or candy. Oh, and I always take chewing gum with me.

What do you cook when you make dinner for yourself and Maxi?

Like my typical dinners at home –   lots of fish and veggies usually.

What do you snack on, normally?

I have a  coffee and some fruit in  the late morning and early afternoon.  I sometimes also enjoy some ice cream or something else that’s quite light in  the middle of the  day, but usually, it’s just some fruit and  a  coffee.

Tell us something about your very favourite meal

It’s got to be my mother’s baked tortellini. It’s SO Creamy and delicious! Oh, and with her chocolate cake for dessert!

What’s your biggest food ‘weakness’

Chocolate, cheese and ice cream.

What recipe are you really good at making?

Zoodles! Zucchini noodles with a nice sauce, usually a rich homemade tomato sauce.

Finally – are there any foods you would never, ever  eat!

Horse and rabbit meat.

How To Eat Like Daniela

Homemade Muesli

Crunchy nuts, soft oats and sweet fruit with the mylk or yogurt of your choice – that’s a pretty healthy way to start the day, and it’s one of Daniela’s favourite breakfasts!

Get the recipe here.

Zoodles With Avocado

This is one of Dani’s most loved dinners. Zoodles are super easy to make, and versatile too, as you can jazz them up with a choice of as many sauces as you’d have with ‘regular’ pasta.

Get the recipe here.

Roasted Veggies Salad

The healthiest food is the simplest food, and though this dish is bursting with colour and variety, it’s actually not all that complicated to make at all!

Get the recipe here.

Chickpea Sweet Potato Bowl

When Dani’s in a rush, she loves to throw a good bowl together! This one is packed with vegan protein as well as a great diversity of flavours, from the bitter kale and tangy onions to the sweet potatoes and sweet tahini sauce.

Get the recipe here.

Almond ‘Ice Cream’

This vegan recipe could not be simpler! All you need is a good blender. Full of vitamins, flavour and even fibre – no wonder this is a snack Daniela loves!

Get the recipe here.

Roasted Veggies, Yeast Rolls, And Kale-Mashed Potatoes; Photographer: Alison Miksch; Prop Stylist: Buffy Hargett-Miller; Food: Erin Merhar

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This site uses affiliate links with brands we trust, and if you make a purchase using a link, we may receive a commission.


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