Gwyneth Paltrow & Tracy Anderson launch 3 Green Hearts

By Arwa Lodhi

Gwyneth Paltrow has long depended on her friend and trainer Tracy Anderson to stay fit and healthy, and now the two amigas are joining forces in a new business venture called 3 Green Hearts–the third ‘heart’ being their more business minded partner, Maria Baum.

A health-conscious catering company, 3 Green Hearts will deliver super-nourishing dishes to your door, including yummies such as kale ravioli, gluten-free pastas, fish tacos, juices, smoothies and quinoa salads. Of course, everything will be 100% organic and locally sourced.


The women founded the company because, as Tracy explained to Hamptons Magazine, “it is vital for us to get out of this processed, de-natured world that we live in with food.” The uber-trainer also stated that she definitely sees better results from her clients when they eat a diet she prescribes–Paltrow is no exception. Apparently the actress gave up soya, gluten, and dairy on Anderson’s recommendation, and after combining her new diet with Anderson’s hardcore training rituals, she claimed she got a better body than she’s ever had. Ever.


Gwyneth and Tracy are following a major trend here–Beyonce recently launched a vegan food delivery service, 22 Days Nutrition, with a chef business partner too, and there has recently been an explosion in the healthy eating movement–even mainstream fast food outlets like Pret a Manger are serving up kale chips, and Itsu offers green smoothies made fresh on the spot. Meanwhile, McDonald’s is increasingly losing profits year on year.


Tracy has a popular fitness column in Cosmopolitan Magazine. Image: Cosmopolitan

Sadly though, if you fancy placing an order with 3 Green Hearts, you’ll have to be based where Anderson is this summer: namely, the Hamptons, on the green tip of New York’s Long Island. That being said, the 3 Green Hearts plan to expand their line to other parts of the USA in the future, as well as launching a range of paraben-free beauty items and greener cleaning products, like those in Jessica Alba’s Honest Co.

I guess the point here is that no matter where you are, green is growing–in home, in health and in beauty.

All images: Wikicommons

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