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Prince Charles: Eco Revolutionary

The Greenest of All Blue-bloods

By Chere Di Boscio

Not long ago, Prince Charles was considered a bit of an eco-eccentric, to say the least.

He claimed that pesticides used on food were damaging the health of people and the environment, and started Duchy Organics in 1990. Initially criticised for being a ‘tree hugger’ and even slightly paranoid, we now know he was right, and Duchy Organics is doing booming business, selling over 200 sustainably produced products, the profits from which are donated to the Prince’s Charities.

But the Prince’s dedication to the environment runs deeper than mere farming. Since 2007, the royal has published accounts of his own carbon footprint, and targets for reducing the emissions of his entire household. He has been criticised by some for his use of a private jet to travel, but making his emissions public knowledge is certainly a step in the right direction–no one else in the royal household feels compelled to reveal anything at all about their energy consumption.

Prince Charles works hard to encourage businesses to act on climate change, and he launched the May Day Network in 2007 to facilitate comprehensive policies on carbon emission reduction in the business community. Politically, he called for European leadership to help save the planet urgently by enforcing stricter carbon emissions regulations, and playing a stronger international role in protecting fisheries and the Amazon rain forest. Β He said that those who denied the planet’s climate is undergoing serious changes are playing Β “a reckless game of roulette” with our future and are having a “corrosive effect” on public opinion.

With his first grandchild on the way, the Prince of Wales expressed deep concern for his or her future. He warned that society was “leading to the terrifying point of no return” and would face “very grim consequences” if the human race continued “pushing nature beyond her limits”.

Far from being considered a strange tree hugging blue blood for making such remarks, the rebellious royal is now highly lauded for his foresight on environmental issues. He recently received a Green Awards’ Lifetime Achievement Award for his continuing environmental work, and we are sure this eco-revolutionary will be even more respected as the consequences of global warming become increasingly apparent.


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