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Orlando Bloom’s Eco Awareness

By Diane Small

We’ve written about model Miranda Kerr in the pages of Eluxe before, lauding her for her eco-efforts, such as her is KORA Organics skincare range and support for sustainable gardens in schools in Australia. But her (now ex) husband, British actor Orlando Bloom, also deserves to be given some eco-kudos.


He follows Nichiren Buddhism, which is grounded in the idea that enlightenment can be reached in this lifetime through correct actions, so it is important to him to practice the peaceful, Earth-loving lifestyle that his religion preaches.

Bloom has therefore served as a UNICEF ambassador in Nepal, where he works on purifying water for communities: “A simple tap, which costs about $20, can provide water to the whole community—for life,” he said in an interview for InStyle Magazine.

The Lord of the Rings star has also fitted his London home out to be completely eco-friendly: he’s installed solar panels, incorporated recycled materials, and utilised energy efficient lightbulbs to do his part to save energy and resources.


He’s also been an active participant in and ambassador of Global Green,  the American Arm of Green Cross International (GCI), which was created by President Mikhail S. Gorbachev to foster a global value shift toward a sustainable and secure future by reconnecting humanity with the environment. The organisation works mainly to provide clean drinking water to those in need around the world, and eliminate weapons of mass destruction globally, but Bloom has also marched behind their banner to pressure the President of the United States to take stricter and swifter action on climate change.


Although Bloom has always been environmentally active, it seems his young son, Flynn, has spurred him into more frequent and strident action. Of his participation in the American march against climate change, the actor told ABC news: “I’m here because like any parent who is looking to the future for their kids, future generations, we have an opportunity to make a stand here–now is the time to take it.”

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