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Ma Vie en Verte: Natascha Leboushkin

A bold and subversive new comedy on the BBC, Going Native has become an internet sensation ahead of its BBC Three premiere  this summer, as part of the channelʼs Comedy Feeds season.


Its creator, the charming  Mona Yousefi,  is already being hailed as “the female Sacha Baron-Cohen” thanks to her knack with accents and mockumentary style–her  outlandish characters interact with unsuspecting people in the real world who do not realise they are being set up for comic situations and self-revealing ridicule.


The show follows three main characters struggling to make a new life in the UK.  There’s sweet  Wakana Fukui, the Japanese YouTube star, brought to Britain by her father and trying to make  it as an online pop culture reporter;  Tallah Khosravian,  a Middle Eastern entrepreneur who came 17th on the Dubai edition of  The Apprentice, and finally, our favourite,  Natascha Leboushkin, the high-maintenance widow of a Russian octogenarian millionaire who has come to Britain  with her stepson Neblov, with the aim of finding a rich new husband.


Here, ‘Natascha’ tells Eluxe about her Vie en Verte.


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How have you changed your habits to be more eco friendly?

I am very, very conscious of my carbon footprint. In fact, footprints in general. That’s why I’ve decided to stop walking everywhere and take taxis instead. Hybrid vehicles, of course. It costs quite a lot of money but I like to think I’m doing my bit.

Where is your favourite place to be in nature?

Do you mean ‘Nature’, the exclusive Soho club? I definitely prefer the VIP room to anywhere else. The walls are decorated with pictures of fields and valleys. It is like being in the countryside, without the smell of manure or the annoying presence of wildlife.

Do you use any eco beauty products?

I have heard that rhino horn is very good for nails and beetle dung is a wonderful exfoliant, and very eco-friendly. So I chartered several flights out to Africa to go and collect some.


A caring mother, Natascha only gives her stepson organic champagne.

What’s your greatest ‘eco-sin’?

Honestly, the only thing I am guilty of is loving Mother Earth too much. Oh, and I sometimes ditch my toxic waste in rivers.

What’s your earliest memory of the natural world?

I remember witnessing a lion attack a gazelle on a TV documentary. I immediately realised that nature is wild, dangerous, unpredictable, and has a voiceover running at all times. And advert breaks.


Yet another fun mother/son shopping spree….

Do you recycle?

‘Do you recycle’. There! Ha! I just recycled your letters! Seriously though, I try to recycle, just as long as someone else carries the bags for me.

Which sustainable brands do you like?

What is a sustainable brand? Do you mean a brand that has lots of staying power? Because I love Coca-Cola and McDonalds.


Every year, Natascha likes to spend Christmas with her ‘family’–the staff at the Ritz.

What actions do you think governments need to take to help stop climate change?

We need to come to a big agreement that everyone needs to cut down on their resources and needless waste. Apart from me.

You have a young son. By 2030, what kind of world do you think he will be living in?

A world in which I have made a difference. And a world in which there are statues of me everywhere thanking me for that. Environmentally friendly statues, of course.

To watch Natascha in action, click here.

To see Mona’s other characters, click here and here, and you can watch Going Native here.

You can also follow Mona’s characters on Twitter: @tallahbizness @wakanafukui @nataschaussr @Goingnative_

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