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Ma Vie En Verte: Aurele Ricard, ‘LostDog’ Artist

Aurele Ricard is a renowned French post-industrial artist, best known for his figure of the LostDog, a giant bull terrier representing the displacement of mankind.

Aurele’s work sometimes communicates his strong eco-advocacy. For example, in 2009, he was invited by the French state and COFRES (French Company for the Shanghai World Expo) to participate in the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai. The theme of the expo, “A Better City, A Better Life” inspired him to work with the theme of sustainable development and “new” environmental technologies used in urban areas, resulting in the creation of a giant dog sculpture covered with a selection of air-filtering plants (LostDogCo2).

Here, he tells Eluxe about his love of Cousteau and his disdain for corporations in an exclusive interview.

What changes have you made in your life to be more eco friendly?

I’ve always been eco-friendly! My mother was very greedy and she taught me very early to be careful with water when I brushed my teeth, for example. She was also getting crazy when you forgot to close the lights. The house was  just in darkness! I’ve kept these kinds of concerns in my adult life. Nowadays I still don’t flush every time I just pee!


What have you done in your working life to be ‘greener’?

That’s what the LostDog concept is about. It’s a metaphoric image of our own lives lost among pollution, epidemics, wars…This LostDog is you, it’s me, it’s the next generation. And with my work I would like to raise awareness to give our children a better future.

Where do you most love to be in nature?

Finland. Because the government and the citizens of this country have been aware of the need for protection of nature for a long time. It’s a beautiful and peaceful country very respectful of ‘Mother Earth.’


LostDogs in Shanghai

What’s your greatest ‘eco sin’?

I am a smoker.


Aurele hung out with Warhol back in the day

Which high profile eco-advocates do you most admire?

First, Commander Cousteau for all his combats. Now, I like the commitment of Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt.

I think that we are in a historical moment: We are the last generation who CAN change the things. So either we keep on turning a blind eye to the emergency, or we make the choice to save and protect thousands and thousands of species And plants. But it means changing the way we live.


Aurele admires Jacques Cousteau

What can politicians do to help save the planet?

I think that it ´s totally stupid to have more than 130 presidents all over the world. We need to have only one for the big blue ball. But for the moment, it’s utopia. Politicians need to protect the world against the capitalists, who wants to make everything a business: species, plants, seeds, water, land… these are not merchandise. They need to protect the people against the big multinationals like Monsanto and others, who corrupt everybody (including politics) to continue the big ‘razzia’. Earth is not merchandise, nom d’un chien!!!!


To see a video of how Aurele made the LostDog CO2 in Shanghai, click here.

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