Ma Vie en Vert: Singer Cindy Gomez

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Singer Cindy Gomez tells us a bit about her green life – or her ‘vie en vert’

By Chere Di Boscio

Former Miss Latin Canada, Cindy Gomez is a multi-ethnic, multilingual, multi-talented woman.

A protege of Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, Gomez not only speaks 8 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Hindi, Cantonese and Mandarin), but has succeeded as a songwriter, singer, dancer, model and even an avatar: Gomez was the first ever artist to feature in a  mobile game, “Dance Fabulous” on N-Gage by Nokia.

Singer Cindy Gomez

Dave Stewart, who produced her album, says she really stands out among contemporary pop singers, wielding a sense of history and knowledge of international music. “She’s sultry and sexy, but also a real performer who’s in control,” he says. “We experimented a lot with songs and rhythms in the studio, but everything we did was meant to set up her big voice. It’s a vision that we can see going all the way to arenas – she’s a real singer, and a real songwriter with a knack for huge melodies.”

Raised in Canada but of Belgian and Colombian descent, Gomez  appeared in Vienna for the LifeBall, Europe’s largest AIDS-related charity event, where she performed a new song that she and Stewart co-wrote and donated called “I Bring You Love,” to a live audience of 70,000 which was also broadcast live throughout Europe at the opening Ceremony.

Stewart says Gomez is a “very positive person”, easy to work with, and our Ma Vie en Vert interview with her reveals she’s rather spiritual, too.

Singer Cindy Gomez

What is the earliest memory you have of being in nature?

Swimming in the ocean in Colombia.

Has the natural world inspired your work, in any way?

Absolutely! I love to meditate in nature or take walks in the park in the middle of the day to inspire writing.

What’s the most positive thing you do for the environment in your daily life?

Here is Germany we recycle all the time, they won’t collect your trash unless its separated into its proper bins that go for recycling.   I also walk as much as I can and use public transportation.

What’s your greatest eco ‘sin’?

Putting the heater on at max temperature.

Singer Cindy Gomez

What would be your eco-friendly dream travel destination?

There are so many incredible locations to choose from but I recently came across Chaa Creek in Belize and Campi ya Kanzi in Kenya that I would really like to visit.

What are you proudest of so far in your career?

Learning to find the treasure within each moment and getting back up on the proverbial horse no matter how many times it threw me off.

What are your favourite ‘green’ skincare, food, home or fashion brands?  

I love fresh veggies and fruits, I just came back from Singapore where I made sure to eat as many delicious exotic fruits as I possibly could! For my skin, I apply vitamin E oil at night to moisturise it, which comes in very handy in the super cold winter months.

Which high profile person trying to make a difference do you most admire, and why?

I love Russell Brand as he understands that in order to change the world we must first change from within because the outside world is only a mirror reflection of who we truly are on the inside.


When and where are you happiest?

Happiness to me is a state of mind so I am always happy no matter when or where as true happiness is not based on conditions but by realising that every moment is always perfect, whole and complete.   Only our labels and judgement can make a moment “unhappy.”

For which cause would you die, if any?

I am not afraid to die and I can’t imagine a particular cause which would require me to die; however, if placed in a position where I could help another person, be it a child, a loved one or someone in need I would happily do so.

Which environmental issues are most important to you?

Cleaning our oceans and creating sustainable energy sources is very important to me.

I recently came across an incredible invention which was just funded on Indiegogo called Solar Roadways  ,  where hexagon smart solar panels that have microprocessors would be placed on all drive ways, walk ways, parks etc. around the globe which would cut our greenhouse gases by 75% and offer so many benefits such as heating the roads so that we never have to worry about ice and snow,   there would be no need for over or underground cables, the   microprocessors can help warm you of dangers on the road via their led lights and its all made of recycled materials.

Singer Cindy Gomez

What’s the main thing you think we all need to do to ensure a better future?

We need to remember that separation is only an illusion. We are all one coming from the same source, thus we are all connected to every person, animal, thing and nature. When we all finally remember this there will no longer be a need to fight, hate or do harm to anything or anyone as that would be harming ourselves. We would move out of fear and into love.

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Chere Di Boscio
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