Exclusive! Helena Christensen Talks Perfume, Pure Beauty & Pine Trees

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By Chere Di Boscio

One of the most easy going of the original supermodels, which also included  Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen is still one of the world’s most beautiful women, and is probably the most creative and innovative of the lot – not only has she graced the covers of every major magazine around the globe, but Helena is also a designer, photographer, businesswoman and philanthropist.

Recently,  the sharp-cheekboned beauty has added perfumier to her many accomplishments. The scent is called ‘deadofnight’ and it’s a heady mix of oud, patchouli and other exotic oils, and is completely natural.

Here in this exclusive interview, Helena tells Eluxe about the intoxicating effects of oudh, saving the rainforest, and the importance of staying natural.

Why did you decide to extend your talents into developing a scent?

My friend, Elizabeth Gaynes, had been visiting a plantation in Borneo and brought back the first drops of pure oudh oil. She began the process of developing the scent and as soon as I smelled the first sample, I jumped on board the project. I had never in my life been so intoxicated and mystified by a scent! We worked for 3 years on creating the final product, which meant mixing hundreds of different notes.

We just designed a necklace of the tiniest bottle of deadofnight with a flowerhead as cap in 18carat gold. I wear it every day and smell it every chance I get. There’s something so lovely about having the little bottle dangling on your chest with the faint aroma exuding from it.

Image: Michael Schilling for Wikicommons

We understand the new scent is helping to save the planet. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

Because our agarwood plantation is sustainable we help preserving the rainforest. The plantation generates its own energy by creating biofuel and hydro electricity and they use only organic fertilizer formulated from their livestock. Responsible farming plays a big part in helping saving our planet.

How would you describe the new scent, in three words?

Spellbinding, hypnotic, sensual.

What’s one of your favourite smells?

The pine trees that surrounded my grandparent’s house. I have beautiful memories of that scent; it immediately transports me back to my childhood.

How important is you to use natural beauty products?  

It’s important for the environment and it’s important on a personal level. You wanna be conscious about what you put on your skin, as it gets absorbed and enters your body. It’s really a no-brainer. The way to help saving the world is also the safest way to protect yourself.

Are there any natural beauty products you’d recommend?

I use several organic and sustainable products, such as Nude (their serum is fantastic), This Works  leg oils,(they have amazing sun protection products) and Naked Beauty (in development, I have tried their products and am amazed by the goat milk and orange moisturiser plus the rose serum).

Where do you shop for beauty products, normally?

I buy a lot of my products in Health and Harmony in NYC or in Sunflower in Woodstock, both stores have only organic beauty products.

Helena does indeed wear the scent herself–she says she loves to put fragrance oils in her hair–but she also states that a ‘person’s natural scent’ is the most intimate of all, and can even cause people to be attracted to one another.

But that’s exactly why she loves her new fragrance: it is fully natural, and allows for your own natural scent to mix with the pure oils. “Because it’s so pure, your brain sort of registers that there’s nothing superficial about it. I don’t feel that I am putting something on me that is a foreign, chemically processed thing. It feels real and smooth, like an extension of yourself,” she says.  

Main image: Helena’s Facebook page. All others Wikicommons

Chere Di Boscio
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